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Knapsack Reserve XC track work Sat 28 Sep (08:00)

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Knapsack Build Day, 28 September 2019

Synergy Trails, Blue Mountains City Council and Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclists (BMORC) will be holding a series of track work days over the next few months.

The XC track work will include general track maintenance and track upgrades to formalise a loop as signposted at the Barnet Street entry gate. Downhill track work if required will be determined on the day.

Start Times: 8:00 am
Where: Knapsack Reserve Glenbrook.
Meeting Point: Lovers walk fire trail gate, at the northern end of Barnet Street.

Details here http://bmorc.com/node/58221

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Knapsack Fire

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A bushfire occurred early yesterday afternoon at Knapsack Reserve, approximately 8ha. All people; riders and pedestrians need to stay out of the burnt areas at Knapsack Reserve.

None of the burnt bushland areas have been assessed in regard to risk management issues; specifically burnt trees and burnt tree limbs - so do not enter any of the burned areas - for your own sake.

Some track closures have been put in place and are signposted. Burnt areas need to be left alone and not traversed. The DH remains open. No XC has been impacted.

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Knapsack Build Day 10th February 2018

Build Day this saturday. Synergy working on DH and if we get the numbers we can get some XC work done. Work from 8am till 2pm and there is the possibility of a BBQ if we get the numbers.

Details here http://bmorc.com/node/56227

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Postponed - Knapsack Build Day 2nd December 8am

Note that this build day has been postponed till January 13th 2018.

This is primarily due to predicted bad weather and difficulties for Synergy to be present.

Details on the rescheduled date to posted as they are organised.

Apologies to all who were ready to come along.

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Knapsack Build Day 2nd December 8am

Working on the corner

Build day this Saturday 8am. Meet at Lovers Walk.

I am still waiting on a reply of the plan of works from BMCC. If I find out I will post up the info.

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