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Latest BMORC News...

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Trail properly open after February Build Day.

The creek crossing

The new section of trail is now properly opened and rideable. Creek crossing is done and the awkward corner further up tidied up to keep the section flowy.

Thanks to all that turned up to get muddy and thanks to Trish and Adrian again.

We still need to do some more rock armouring for maybe another 50ft after the creek crossing through a damp area to make sure it doesn't get slushy.


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BMCC Open Space Survey

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Council is developing a new 'Open Space and Recreation Strategy' for the City of Blue Mountains.

To be able to make good decisions for investment in the future maintenance, planning and development of open space and recreational facilities in the Blue Mountains we need good information. A great part of this survey is the recognition of Mountain bike and Cycling trails.
Mountain Biking in the Blue Mountains is still very new to council and lacks almost any funding despite the fact its been and active recreational sport for over 20 years.

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January's Build Day at Knapsack

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Log roll that ends (or starts) this section of XC trail.

A hot and humid day where we didn't manage to get the new XC section open as yet, but next build day we should have it done. Trail is through but needs some more work on the tread plus one corner is having rockwork for re-cambering and the creek crossing needs serious rock work which Adrian has planned.

For the DH one of the old doubles has been made a table top with the next one being done at the next build day.

Thanks again to everyone who turned up.

Looks like next build day will be mid to end of February, the date still to be locked in.

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Knapsack Build Day - December 12th


Last build day for this year. Weather looks much better than two weeks ago!

Working on the new section to avoid the mud! Lots to do cutting this new diversion.

DH working on the second berm from the bottom above the fire trail near the power lines.

Meeting at 8am at the southern end of Barnett St, full details here.


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Knapsack Build Day - November 28th

What we hope to get done!

Another reminder of this build day. We will be finishing off the last section of the loop we have been working on the last several months shown in the map.

Meeting at 8am at the southern end of Barnett St, full details here.


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