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Postponed - Knapsack Build Day 2nd December 8am

Note that this build day has been postponed till January 13th 2018.

This is primarily due to predicted bad weather and difficulties for Synergy to be present.

Details on the rescheduled date to posted as they are organised.

Apologies to all who were ready to come along.

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Knapsack Build Day 2nd December 8am

Working on the corner

Build day this Saturday 8am. Meet at Lovers Walk.

I am still waiting on a reply of the plan of works from BMCC. If I find out I will post up the info.

Further info....


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Cancelled 26th August Build Day

Just a heads up for anyone who was planning going to the build day this Saturday the 26th August that it has been cancelled, or postponed.

We called for this because a lot of us were unable to make it from BMORC and also BMCC didn't have anything specific organised so it was felt it would be an unproductive exercise considering the small budget we have allocated.

We will try to make sure the next build day has more operations planned ahead.

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Eastern Escarpment Public Workshop

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The preliminary recommendations are currently available to view and comment on in the Have Your Say section of the BMCC web site which can be found at the following link:

Council is in the process of finalising the detailed landscape design work associated with the Master Plan and would like offer active recreation users the opportunity to review and comment on this design work prior to finalising the Draft Master Plan for public exhibition. To facilitate this, a workshop has been scheduled as follows:

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Temporay Closure of Knapsack DH Trail

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Trail CLosure Sign

A message from BMCC

"From the 21st June 2017 the Knapsack DH bike trail will be temporarily closed for construction and maintenance works.

Helicopter operations are planned to occur on that day, delivering bags of stone directly onto the downhill track. This means that there will be no physical through access for bikes at all.

Works are anticipated to commence late June and take 8 weeks to complete.

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