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Next Advocacy/Build Events When
Knapsack Build Day - XC and DH Sat 25 Feb (08:00)
Knapsack Build Day - XC and DH Sat 27 May (08:00)
Knapsack Build Day - XC and DH Sat 26 Aug (08:00)
Knapsack Build Day - XC and DH Sat 2 Dec (08:00)

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Reminder - Knapsack Build Day Sat 25th Feb 8am

Creek Crossing work - Tim rock armouring.

A reminder that this Saturday 25th February we have a build day at Knapsack. Meet at Barnet St Lovers Walk entrance 8am till 12pm.

Still not sure what we will be working on. If I find out I will post.

More details here http://bmorc.com/node/55078

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2017 - Knapsack Trail Day Schedule

We have been advised of four locked in build days with BMCC and Synergy Trails for this year. These dates are:

25th February
27th May
26th August
2nd December

So if we can get numbers like at the last build day in November we can get considerable work done. Hopefully the extra warning can help people to keep these dates free in their calendars.

Further details on what is planned to be achieved at these dates will be posted when we they are determined.

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New Section Open

The Scary Rock Platform bit. On Saturday we finished a reroute around the old eroded rock platform fire trail section. Adrian's plan was to utilise the surrounding rock areas as much as possible for the diversion. The result is a very "Knapsack" style diversion that is longer, techy and a good climb or descent.

More pics in the gallery here


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Surprise! - Knapsack Build Day 9am-1pm November 26th 2016

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Creek Crossing work - Tim rock armouring.

Well council have surprised us and have said we have an opportunity for a build day on Saturday the 26th November. I don't know if anyone is still monitoring this site and I don't know what we would be doing but if you can turn up then really, well, why not!? I know we all feel somewhat forgotten.

So meet at Barnet St carpark at the end of Lovers Walk. If we can I hope we end up doing the last bit of rerouted trail that was approved in the original plan and REF near the rusty car. Still we will have to wait and see.

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Trail properly open after February Build Day.

The creek crossing

The new section of trail is now properly opened and rideable. Creek crossing is done and the awkward corner further up tidied up to keep the section flowy.

Thanks to all that turned up to get muddy and thanks to Trish and Adrian again.

We still need to do some more rock armouring for maybe another 50ft after the creek crossing through a damp area to make sure it doesn't get slushy.


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