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"Win for mountain bike riders" - Blue Mtns Gazette 21/3/2012

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Downhill mountain bike riders have welcomed the council’s decision to construct a track in the Lower Mountains.

A report to last week’s Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) meeting recommended the development of downhill and cross country tracks be approved for Knapsack Reserve following a Federal Government department investigation into the plan.

The Commonweath Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC) confirmed BMCC’s findings the project would not have a significant impact on threatened species and ecological communities on the site, which had been a major concern of opponents.

The report was welcomed by a large contingent of mountain bike riders who attended the meeting, however concerns were raised by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society (BMCS) and several councillors questioned the Commonwealth department’s decision.

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Smile for the camera

Hi Team,

Blue Mountains Gazette is scheduling a photo shoot follow up article on the Knapsack DH approval tonight (Thursday 15/3/12) at 6:30PM.
I would like to invite anyone that is interested to attend the photoshoot to present at the carpark at the base of the Mitchells pass and the Great Western Highway or "the shuttle pick up" as I imagine it will become known in the future Smiling
A few Bikes for the shot would be good, I will be on my Trance, and yes I will be wearing Lycra lol

See you there!

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Knapsack has been passed by council 6 votes for, 3 against.

Group photo.

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Council to vote on Knapsack Reserve Bike Plan

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The long awaited council vote is less than a week away.
This will be the fate of the Knapsack Reserve Bike plan. (Cross Country and Downhill)

For more information on the Council meeting and Bike plan, the council Business paper can be downloaded from here. Refer to Item 9 (Page 78)
Click here for date and time information

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Trailcare Proposal - RedHill, Oxfordfalls

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For those not attuned to other sections of the Global Rider Network ... I thought it was worth highlighting the Trailcare Proposal for sustainable mountain biking in the Oxfordfalls / Redhill areas of Sydney's northern beaches.

I bring your attention to section 2.2 which highlights many benefits pertinent to all areas, not just the northern beaches.

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Oaks Trail Host Volunteer needed - Easter Monday

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As part of our developing relationship with NPWS in and around the Mountains, BMORC have been invited to participate in a new Volunteer trail hosting program.

Similar to some of the bushwalking trail hosts that you might have seen else where, 2 volunteers will be placed at the Woodford trail head to meet and greet, answer any questions and share relevant news.

For Example, Trail conditions, weather forecast, ranger contact details, trail basics, NPWS info, BMORC info, just to name a few topics that could be covered.

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Phytophthora Dieback, are you a carrier?

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Recenlty I took part in the Jet Black 24hr held at Mount Annan Botanical Gardens. The Gardens had an important message to share with everyone. The images shown are the posters that were up at the event. This is extremly important and every mountain biker should be aware.

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Blue Mountains Gazette - "Penrith mayor 'happy' to consider cycleway"

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Article in the gazette about the progress on the plan for a cycleway up the hill. I know this isn't off-road, but it is something a lot of riders could use in their day to day life.

Penrith Mayor Greg Davies said he was happy to work alongside Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) on plans for a cycleway from Lapstone to Leonay.

Preliminary discussions have been held between Penrith City Council and BMCC since the proposal was put forward by Blue Mountains Mayor Daniel Myles and Deputy Mayor Mark Greenhill earlier this month.

While Clr Davies said he had yet to speak to local representatives on the issue, a meeting attended by a Penrith City Council traffic engineer had been held and work was under way to cost the proposal.

“We have had some preliminary discussions,” Clr Davies told the Gazette.

“[We are] looking at a number of options. Blue Mountains City Council was going to take them away and come back with costings.

“We have not dealt with it as a council, however.”

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Cancelled - Knapsack Ride, BBQ, Info day 27th Nov 2011

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Note, this is cancelled due to the weather of the last week. Looks like it will be wet right up to the day as well so things won't get to dry out.

As we get closer to the time where decisions will need to be made, we thought it was time to get people back on their bikes and understanding what the tracks might actually look like, have a bit of a social ride with a potential BBQ.

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BMORC Members Working with NPWS on Oaks Single Track Maintenance

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Last Sunday several BMORCers received some instructional training working on some of the drainage issues on the Oaks single track with the NPWS.

David Croft who is involved with the NPWS RNP trail maintenance came up and gave us his time to show his expertise in the area. A few areas were fixed with plans to take crews out in the future to tackle more sections. Some may well remember David's posts on Farkin when he was employed in Canada on some serious trail work.

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Carp Fishing and Weeding the River -Sun 20th November 2011 Yarramundi

"Carp Fishing and Weeding the River Fishing Competition"

Sunday 20th Novemeber 2011
(South Side of the Bridge)
8:00am Start.

Prizes for the biggest fish, most fish, mystery weight and oldest and youngest angler.

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Council Motion on Mitchell's Pass Tonight

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Just received this from Bicycle NSW

Blue Mountains City Councillor, Howard McCallum is putting a Notice of Motion to Council TONIGHT to propose that Council examine the possibility of keeping MITCHELLS PASS closed to motor vehicles, except in emergencies, to allow cyclists and walkers to use the road for downhill and uphill access between the Mountains and the Plains.


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Oaks Sinlge Track closures Sunday 6, November 2011

Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclist are assisting NPWS with some drainage works on the Oaks single track, so sections of the single track will be closed off on Sunday, 6 November 2011 from 8am to 3pm. The plan is to close just one section at a time, this way riders will still get to ride parts of the single track on the day.

Official NPWS closure notes here.

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Yellowmundee Bushcare Sunday 16Oct11

Sorry for the short notice.

There is a bushcare working bee this Sunday at mundee

10am @ the lower car park.

Sorry, Wes kindly gave me the details last night.

We are both going (Wes & I), and I'm bringing the family as usual ... we like the spread that the Rangers provide us Smiling

I forgot to mention that at the Plant ID and Aboriginal Cultural day ... we were talking about getting stuck into the Lantana down near the water ... let me know if your interested and when

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NPWS Mountain Biking Strategy is released!!

Well after all the discussion of the last year the NPWS Mountain Bike Strategy is out.

Page 9 to 11 is very interesting for what they plan to do. Mention of single track and looking at places where it is required is positive. Lots of mention of IMBA guidlines as being what should be used for building and signage.

It appears the wall has come down now and mountain biking in National Parks will become a much more accepted policy.

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"Official trails to stop mountain bikers in their illegal tracks" - SMH 3/10/11

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Highlights moves by State Government and National Parks to provide legitimate riding opportunities in an attempt to curb illegal trail construction.

MOUNTAIN bikers will be welcomed back into some state national parks under a government plan to stop illegal trails being cut.

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Workshop

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For those that attended the IMBA soil erosion workshop last year, We briefly discussed with Rangers a workshop about plant id and local aboriginal cultural heritage.

Well here is the workshop that the rangers and local bushcare group have been working on.

Have a look at the attached flyer and RSVP before the 14th SEP 11.

A good opportunity to understand the plants and ecology that should and should not be on site, and better understand the cultural significance of the lands that we visit.

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Oaks Single Track Upgrade - BMORC meeting with NPWS

BMORC reps met with NPWS project managers to disscuss the Oaks trail.

A 3 year plan is being set in motion to upgrade the Glenbrook precinct. NPWS staff sought input from BMORC on how to improve the oaks trail and make it more sustainable and enjoyable for riders. Currently due to the layout of the trail beginner riders and those less familiar with the trail are often pushed to the road.

The trail was first approved so as to separate cyclists and motor vehicles. BMORC reps essentially covered the basics of IMBA guidelines, focusing on both erosion minimisation and also trail flow so that both beginner and experienced riders can share the trail and still gain the riding experience that they are capable off.

A good walk and talk was had and in 6 months the NPWS managers will be comimg back to us with a planned propsal. For the Interim volunteers will be fixing the puddle prone areas.

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Garrigal National Park Bike Plan

Hopefully will lead to a comprehensive state wide policy consistent at all levels of government and government departments.

Big thanks to all those involved.

Please remember to put your submissions in to support The Knapsack Reserve MTB Plan.

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Have Your Say Downhill Bike Track Knapsack Reserve

BMCC for the consultation phase is requesting submissions from interested parties.

The Closing Date for Public Submissions is the 29 August 2011 so don't delay.

You don't have to be verbose but just state your support for the project, the more submissions the better as there is still some strong opposition to the project.

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Mountain Bike Events Generate Local Income

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A small example of how an event can generate diffused income into a local economy or community. This was a relatively small event (309 riders & their guests ... say 70:30 riders to guests)

by Staff Reports

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BMORC Jersey / T-shirt

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Firstly Apologies for taking so long.

I have ordered a 30 jersey / shirt run in the Blue short sleeve dri-fit material. For those that saw the samples from Either myself or Mog ... its one of those.

In limited numbers for Large, XL, Medium and a couple of small.

Please post on here to indicate size and I will PM bank details. (Important to keep track of sizes available)

If you are quick, I might still be able to increase the order as they are being made now. Prolly have a week, but you snooze you loose

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Blue Mountains Gazette - "Community gets final word on bike tracks"

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In the Blue Mountains Gazette Wed 20 July 2011

"The community will have one final say on controversial plans for a new network of mountain bike tracks in Knapsack Reserve.

Councillors last (Tuesday) night agreed to send an environmental assessment of the project to public exhibition.

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All Recommendations Supported at BMCC Meeting

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A really interesting night where the recommendations were passed unanimously. There was no discussion from the councilors on the issue either. So all good news.

So there will be the community consultation meeting on the 7th of August at Knapsack Park and then the final council meeting on the 11th of October which will be the big vote and likely to be a little more complex .

When I spoke tonight I really tried to get across the idea of positive communication being able to get to the real issues and understanding each sides issues (yeah makes me sound like a 10th rate Bono.)

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REF Report and Council's Business Paper on Knapsack is Out

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The REF report and the recommendation for the next stage in this process are going to be up at the next Council Meeting on Tuesday 19th July.

Buisiness Paper is here and it is Item 8

Have a read of their recommendations. It all looks pretty positive at this stage.

The REF report itself is here...

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