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IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

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IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

IMBA will celebrate its seventh annual International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Saturday, October 1, 2011. This is a great opportunity for you to pass your passion for pedaling on to kids!

In support of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Initiative, IMBA has pledged to get 30,000 children participating in 300 cycling events on Oct. 1. Last year, 20,000 rode in 200 events. We could use your help in reaching this goal. Broadcast Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day to your networks, host a ride, or sponsor the IMBA outreach program.

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Warringah Council MTB Survey

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Please take time to complete the survey. This highlights the demand for facilities, much like skate parks, golf courses, soccer fields, basketball and tennis courts to name a few facilities. Demand for recreational and sporting facilities for MTB are currently un-met nationally let alone within the Blue Mountains City Council LGA.

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Oaks Sinlge Track closures Sat 4th

BMORC is assisting NPWS with some pruning on the Oaks singletrack and we would like to let other riders know that sections on the singletrack will be closed off on Saturday, 4 June 2011 from 9am. The plan is to close one section at a time so riders still get to ride parts of the singletrack on the day.

See official note here.

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Trail Maintenance Day - 3 Volunteers needed 4 Jun 2011

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Firstly, apologies for the lack of information that we have been sharing with Blue Mountains Riders of late. We understand not everybody has time to browse the website, however, this is always the best source of up to date information.

Apologies for the extreme short notice, however BMORC and NPWS/DECCW have banded together to organise our first joint trail care program in the Blue Mountains, focusing on the single track at the Glenbrook end of the Oaks.

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Come Visit BMORC at the Hawkesbury Show

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Thanks to the gracious invitation by NPWS

BMORC have been allocated space within the NPWS exhibit at the Hawkesbury Show

The theme is adventure conservation with BMORC sharing space with the Friends of the Colo (FOC), Nepean Bass Fishermen and local Aboriginal Bushcare and Community groups, along with NPWS displays.

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Correcting misconception and false truth

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  • BMORC supported the council paper that went to council 16/03/2010 which recommended the closure and rehabilitation of Nichols Parade downhill trail. This is in the council records.
  • BMORC supported the formalisation of Old Bathurst Road trails to a sustainable internationally recognised standard
  • It is not illegal to ride on a track located on council land unless sign posted otherwise by council.
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Mitchells Pass Gate Closure

G'Day riders,

Today at 5pm Blue Mountains Gazette will be reporting on the installation of the gates at the mid point on the Mitchells Pass.
Micheal Cleggit from the gazzette has requested a few riders to attend to be in a photo to appear in the paper.
If you are able to make it that would be great, no gaurentee that you will be in the photo as he only needs 3 but if it is oversubscribed then that's not a bad thing.
Many Thanks

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BMORC meets with NPWS

Last week BMORC reps met with Tina from NPWS to talk about the existing Oaks Single track (aka Twitter Trail), how to improve on safety and erosion control.

It was decided that our first priority would be pruning back the eye whipping branches. This improves user safety. The rider will be able to keep an eye on where they are going with an improved line of sight and not need to keep ducking.

BMORC will be assembling a small team of volunteers to work with NPWS.

There are many items on the agenda and future discussions will be taking place.

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Downhill article in Penrith Press

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In today's Penrith Press -

NATIONAL mountain bike champion Danielle Beecroft has been forced to travel to the Central Coast to train after the closure of downhill bike tracks at East Blaxland and Mt Riverview.

The 16-year-old from Londonderry won the under-17 4X and open pump track events at the national titles last month.

But travelling to Gosford on a weekly basis does have its downfalls.

“I’m devastated because it was so easy to go and train up there (in the Lower Mountains) all the time,” Beecroft said.

and also about the trails

Western Sydney Mountain Bike Club downhill vice-president Steve Humphreys said the decision was made too hastily by Blue Mountains Council.

“The council made the decision based on an illegal track made by some minors after a group of residents protested,” Humphreys said.

“There are no legal tracks in the Blue Mountains Council area for riders to train. It has very much affected riders and rangers are now getting quite active and fining riders who are caught in the areas.

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Group- dates 2011

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Group
Dates 2011
Time : 10.00am Lunch will be provided.

DATE: Sunday 20th March
Sunday 17th April
Friday 29th April to 1st May Bushcare Conference and Cultural Camp
Sunday 22nd May
Sunday 19th June
Sunday 17th July
Sunday 21st August
Sunday 18th September
Sunday 9th October

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Open message to BMORC Members

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Hi BMORC viewers and guests Smiling It has been brought to my attention that there has been some illegal trail construction taking place in the Blue Mountains council area.

As the group are well aware we do not endorse illegal trail building activity and I would call upon all active members to be vigilant if you hear of anything like this going on. Let us know so we can follow up.

I am led to believe that this activity is taking place in an area that is signposted "no riding" so these individuals are clearly flouting the council bylaws.

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Anniversary of the Closure of Old Bathurst Road

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Well it is one year now since the fatefull council meeting in Katoomba when the Business Paper presented the plan to formalise a part of the trails at OBR and close the trail at Nichol's Pde. It seemed a reasonably good compromise at the time but the plan was resolutely squashed. There were only 8 riders there that night and we were trounced. We were disorganised and completely unaware of the opposition and disinformation that was going around.

It became obvious that some kind of advocacy group was required to present a unified voice for riders, and after discussing it on the street that night the plan was to create one. Hence about a week latter at the Lapstone Hotel the BMORC was started.

So in a year a lot has been done, but we are still waiting on some hard trail results. A lot of good work has been done forming understanding and relationships with some of the councillors and with the BMCC staff. We have also worked with the community to try and improve the image of mountain bikers and what the general mindset is of a rider with respect to the environment and society. We have greater communication and understanding with conservationist groups I think in both directions. Also I think we have a better riding community now in the mountains that was lacking before.

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Blue Mountains Gazette Article about the BBQ as well!

Article from the Blue Mountains Gazette page 23 Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

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Brief Report on the BMORC Knapsack BBQ on the 26th Feb

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Well on the 26th February BMORC held a free community BBQ at Knapsack reserve to engage with local residents, schools, families, riders and basically anyone who Kingy could attract and get to talk to. We supplied maps, helped show people around and basically answered questions anyone had about what our concept is.

We had contacted local schools, done a letter box drop of the neighboring residents and posted flyers up on boards. Kingy turned up with a massive pile of sausages where I thought he had over-catered like a madman yet again, but after the many hours we were there they were gone. So by the sausage counter we managed to speak to a large number of people and received some interesting feedback.

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Clean Up Australia Day (Yellowmundee Regional Park)

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Got the below invitation for volunteers for the 6 March 2011 Clean Up Australia Day.

From Xuela Sledge, (Volunteer Coordinator)

Visit my page:

Visit the site I will be volunteering at:

To contact me, please email me at as you cannot reply to the above address.


Yellomundee Regional Park

Site Info:
About Our Site

Join us to help clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.

Site Address

Springwood Road

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"One is better than two for Blaxland cyclists" - Blue Mountains Gazette

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Story in the Blue Mountains Gazette about the local Muni riders, as often witnessed down at Knapsack... good going guys!

As if hauling a regular mountain bike along bush trails was not challenging enough, two Blaxland men decided to ditch a wheel when they tackled a 12-hour endurance race recently.

Charles Hardimon and Robert O’Brien received more than their fair share of sideways looks from fellow competitors when they took on the Jet Black Cycling race at Wisemans Ferry on the their unicycles.
Despite the oppressive heatwave conditions, coupled with the obvious challenge of staying upright on the unpredictable terrain, the duo managed to complete a combined distance of over 100km during the two six-hour blocks of racing.

“The hardest part was probably dealing with the heat, as it was for most of the riders, starting out at 40 degrees and trying to slog it up a two kilometre hill,” said Charles. “It was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

Charles said it had taken endless patience to master the unusual craft in the five years since he traded in two wheels for one.

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Second Round of NPWS MTB Discussion Forum 14th Feb

Basically a second round of meetings to be run by a facilitator nominated by conservation groups. If you went to the previous meeting in October last year you should still definately attend again.

Its to be held

Monday 14th February 6-8pm, Springwood Country Club, Hawkesbury Rd Springwood.

The full story of why this is happening again can be read on NOBMOB here

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An opportunity to help Blue Mountains Conservation Society

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I picked up on this article while browsing the web for information on Platypus, after reading the article below I was thrilled to find out about a population of platypus in the Sun Valley area.
I thought this would be a great opportunity to assist Tara with her campaign to address the release of sewage into Fitzgerald's creek.
Can everyone pen a short letter or email and send it on to the Sydney Water

Postal address
Sydney Water
PO Box 399
Parramatta NSW 2124 or
email through this portal

Thanks for your support

Regards Kingy

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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Group - ABC Landline filming Sunday 5th February 2011

Vickii Lett from NPWS sent this through for the site.

The bushcare group has been approached by the CMA and ABC Landline for a story on bushcare groups along the river.

Bass fisherman, BMORC and WSMTB are invited. It would be good to get some BMORCers there with bikes.

See the attached pdf for a printable version.

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Novelty Cheque for Signage

Well here is the novelty cheque created be resident BMORC Picasso Kingy, for the money we generated for signage at the BBQ the other week.

So next stage is organising some kind of handover to show we are serious about our commitment to the reserve and working with council.

The rest of the money raised needs to be moved to other areas maybe IMBA books, tools, promotional material etc.

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Ground Effect Slush Fund.

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I sent an email to the Ground Effect Slush Fund in regards to gaining some funding to help with the work that will hopefully start soonish at Knapsack Reserve. Here is the reply:


I've been having a good snoop around your website! Sounds like a project worthy of some slush fund assistance, our pet hate is when tracks get closed and they riding access for an area takes a huge step back.

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BMORC BBQ Fundraiser Results!

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Hi guys,

Huge turn out I Lost count at 20 but a great effort by all.

Lots happened on the day and that's a story in itself but I will let the boys regail all the fun bits I am here to deliver that facts!

Our purchases for the day consisted of;

Pastoral Prime Country Meats
600 Sausages. $268
Chippys Foods
Onions , Serviettes, Sauces, Gloves $148

Blaxland Country Bakehouse
60 loaves sliced bread. $108

Natures Best

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3 Days till the big cook off!

Scored an awesome drink barrel today.

Pulled the Victorionox out and hey presto then there were 2 Smiling

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6 days to go!

BMORC BBQ is nearly here will it be a success will we reach the 3000 dollar goal.

Bring your bikes come down and help promote the great the healthy lifestyle, eat a few sausage sangas and hang with your mates!

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BMORC BBQ Bring your bikes!

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Things are progressing well, I made an executive decision today and purchased a pallet yes read pallet (1740 600 ml bottles) for the BBQ Saturday week.
Anyone wishing to purchase a 12 pack can do so on the day for $4.00 all monies raised going to the Knapsack project.
I was thinking let's do Coke, lemonade blah blah blah then I thought you know what let's just keep it simple water is refreshing everyone drinks it, and if there is any left over we can always use it for our work days on the new track Smiling

Best Mountain Bike