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"Mountain bike riders set to blaze a trail through national parks"

SYDNEY'S mountain bikers have always been hampered by one
thing - a conspicuous lack of proper mountain trails.

Instead they have independently, usually illegally, carved their own tracks through national parks around the city fringes.

This could be about to change, with the state government to release a discussion paper today on ways of balancing the needs of the state's
30,000 dedicated mountain bike riders with those of people who go to national parks for the trees and wildlife, peace and quiet.

From SMH here:

DECCW media release is here:

And the paper is here:

Comment here

I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone back this initiative! This means comment, comment, comment.
Nothing is going to happen unless mountain bike riders show they have the numbers to justify proper facilities.

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Yellomundee Bushcare group planting day-12th September, 2010, 1300hrs.

The Yellomundee Bushcare group is meeting on Sunday 12th September, 2010 at 1300hrs at Yellomundee for a planting day. Entry is through the Shaws Farm gate.

A few guys have already expressed interest, so bring the kids and spend a few hours planting native plants. Afternoon tea is provided.

Let Vickii know if you want to come- or 45882400.

I know it clashes with the WSMTB XC club round, but I'm sure there will be some who are interested.

See you there.

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BMORC Erosion control workshop attendees photo

What a motley crew, thanks to Vicki and her team for a great day!


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General MTB news in the Gazette

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Found these whilst trawling for information.

Big up to the MTB talent that is throught the mountains ... maybe worth keeping tabs on all these positive news stories for latter use.

Schools Mundee race

Alex Wagners

4X state champs

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Erosion and sediment control workshop at Yellomundee- Saturday 14th August 2010.

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A mate has passed on this info to see if some volunteers can turn up. It's an Erosion and Sediment control workshop that will be run by Nick (Bowman?) from IMBA. The date and times I've been given are Saturday August 14th from 0830-1400 hrs. BBQ and ride time after.

It's free and would be a great boon having instruction from someone who knows what they're doing. This knowledge would come in quite handy, especially considering the decision BMCC passed last week in regards to Knapsack.

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BMORC members at State Championships Lithgow

Hi Guys,

There should be a few of the BMORC at Lithgow this weekend so spread the word about the forum and we will get together and have a chat about what is happening at Knapsack


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Blue Mountains Gazette Article on Knapsack

Great support from riders especially in the comments section of the article.

Well done BMORC

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Blue Mountains Gazette meet with BMORC riders to gauge reaction to the Knapsack Reserve development

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The BMORC crew were out in force flying the flag for those that were stuck in an office somewhere or working hard at it in the daily grind.
Michael Clegget form BMG was punctual as were the attendees Michael Hampson, Matt Lees my self and Brian Hanlon.

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BMORC in the news

The Blue Mountains Gazette have been in touch with BMORC and tommorrow at 11am we will be doing a walk of the lower sections of the Downhill track with Michael Clegget a journalist from the paper, i invite anyone wishing to attend the meeting and express their views for the article to attend.
The location for the meeting will be at the bottom of Mitchell's Pass in the car park where the old Great Western High Terminates into a car park at Emu Plains, there will be a photo taken with riders (4) first in best dressed.

Hope to see you there.

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OK Guys here we go just about to jump in the Ford with Vinnie he will be one in the photos wearing the Ozzy osbourne slippers and head up to Katoomba council.

There are going to heaps of BMORCERS there so stay tuned we will post the results just after the meeting

Wwe have a good chance of winning the first legal downhill track in the blue mountains so we are full of hope and the news and word looks like it is going to be positive.

Will report back soon

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Welcome to all new BMORC members

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Our recruitment drive at the 2010 edition of the W2G (Woodford to Glenbrook Classic) was a resounding sucess.
It was a pleasure to meet all the new members who eagerly accepted our flash sticker and hand of friendship.

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Blue Mountains Council meeting next Tuesday check the calander

C'mon guys I am takin the night off work with out pay, lets see the numbers demonstrated in the comit phase of things on the calander get on board don't let this opportunity fade away

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Letter Writing Campaign No 3

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All Local residents should have received the below email.
If you did not please contact me via my screaming_gecko address.

We need all members to write and email councillors, and more importantly attend Council meeting on the 29th. I understand you all can't make it ... so please contact me if you are definitely attending so we can gauage numbers. We were beaten by 1 street of residents ... DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN.

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BMORC Membership drive

As we are coming up to the end of the 3month period where the search for an alternative track is meant to outline any sites, this is a timely reminder that the next couple of weeks will be an important time.

I encourage you all to contact your ridding buddies and generally discuss within your communities and networks the opportunity to show council that we support sustainable trails and are willing to volunteer to both assist with the conversion of illegitimate and unsustainable trails to long term sustainable trails.

Your aim is to identify those people that are both willing to show their support whether by writing in to council and or attending organised meetings with council.

Please direct these people to register on here so that we can better manage communication.

As very brief FYI, reps met last Friday 4th to discuss next steps. We will be ramping up our efforts with initial steps already commencing. We are currently working through our contact lists and will be issuing broader communications with actions in the coming days.

Thanks for your patients and continuing support, I apologise for the seeming lack of progress, however, the situation is pretty much working as anticipated and we are working behind the scenes to make sure all the little ducks align so we can have the most impact on our Council Leaders.

Looking forward to getting in there and working with council staff to reverse the damage.

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Glenbrook/Knapsack Ride Day 16th May

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Ride day for everybody at Glenbrook/Knapsack, it will be casual pace with some pretty tricky technical riding.
The ride should take about 3 hours but will only cover about 15kms. We will also go behind the raaf base, up the old tunnel, into the tramways downhill area, across to Darkes Common, and wind it up in the National Park!
So, who's up for it?

Who's In: BM Epic,Mell,Hec,Andy Bloot, isildur,chopstir,Vinno,

Maybes:Nerf Herder,

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First Inaugural BMORC ride

For those out of touch and not a turgid regular ... the 2nd May Ride is one

Where: Oakes
Date: Sunday 2nd May 2010
Time: 10am top gate ... ready to ride
Pace: casual ... until it gets to the helipad then its hell for leather
refer to the Turgids thread (NSW wateringhole RB) for more detail.


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