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NSW Enduro Series - Singletrack Mind - Round 3

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By LadyToast - Posted on 20 February 2010

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Sunday, 13 June, 2010 - 08:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

7 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Yellomundee Regional Park
Meeting Point: 

There's a car park (click for foggy picture) on Springwood Road - just down the way from Hawkesbury Heights if you're looking for a suburb name.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Singletrack obsessives rejoice! The team from Chocolate Foot are proud to announce the launch of the premier endurance race series for New South Wales: The Singletrack Mind - 2010 NSW Enduro Series.

From April 2010 mountain bikers are set to test themselves and their team mates in a series of five events ranging in length from 6 hours to the series finale, a 10 hour challenge! Also at the conclusion of the series to celebrate all the hard work and relive the great times of almost 40 hours of mud, sweat and gears, the village of Appin is ready to party! Dine, drink and dance, complete with live entertainment!

While Chocolate Foot is a new business, its principals bring a vast knowledge of mountain biking and event management to ensure the polished and professional running of the series. Fiona Dick has been behind the successful running of events such as the Highland Fling and the Mountains to Beach stage race. She is also well known as a racer, MTB skills educator and has written for the major mountain bike magazines.

Joe Ward is Australia's most prolific cycling TV show producer, having covered the past seven Australian Mountain Bike Championships, the recent World Mountain Bike Championships in Canberra as well as being part of the SBS TV crew at the Tour de France. With extensive multimedia coverage of each event, the series is set to raise the profile of
MTB endurance racing and give the general public an insight into the challenge and exhilaration of mountain biking. Both Fiona and Joe have been wearing the knobs off tyres for a combined period of over 25 years. In that time they've seen what makes for a great event and now they are set to make great events a reality.

Each venue in the series has been selected for its sweet flowing singletrack and ability to host everything that makes for a great event. The series kicks off on 18 April in western NSW's singletrack oasis, Lidsdale State Forest near Lithgow. Well worth the drive, the deceptively challenging Lidsdale track will serve up 8 hours of singletrack joy for those seeking the
enduro fix!

The schedule for the 2010 Singletrack Mind Series is as follows:
18 April – Lidsdale State Forest, Lithgow
16 May – Coondoo Road, Nowra
13 June – Yellomundee Regional Park, Yarramundi
29 August – Stromlo Forest Park, Canberra
25 September – WMBC track, Appin

Chocolate Foot are looking forward to announcing more exciting developments with the
Singletrack Mind Series soon – keep an eye on

For further information, please contact Fiona Dick or Joe Ward on 0457 084 552 or email

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GAZZA, Carlgroover, LadyToast, mtnbike, markb
GAZZA Carlgroover LadyToast mtnbike markb
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Fiona Dick from CF mentioned that parking is going to be tricky out there for the race. I'm taking a shuttle out for the race, if you're interested hit up to sort a spot. Cheers - Will

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see you guys there!

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Wanted to do this one, and will be a great crew there!
But.... I've been struggling with a sore back for a couple of weeks and 7hrs in the saddle ain't gonna help it recover.
Have fun guys - excellent track and I've heard it's in pretty good shape after the rain.

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How did the clydesdales category work out with this event?

I was keen to do it, as I have the requisite attributes (and then some....), but it co-incided with the first weekend of having our house on the market and the list of stuff to do meant I hadn't even started to chisel the remaining mud off the Prophet from the Capital Punishment debacle (let alone do any riding) until after we were allowed back into the house on Saturday. Might have almost made it if they'd allowed "on the day rego".

Anyway, the prelim results don't show anything, but I hope the category was well enough patronised to make it worthwhile for the Chokky Foot folks or other race organisers to consider again some time....?

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there were 7 entrants I think , it had to be yourself & bike 100kg & a solo rider

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