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Bathurst MTB trails??

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By John O - Posted on 27 May 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of any MTB trails in or close to Bathurst? I know Lisdale forrest is an option but is there anything else? Someone mentioned that there are some trails near Mt Panorama.

Any advise would be appreciated!!

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Don't know if you can stretch to Orange?

There is an excellent trail network out in Kinross Forest.

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I asked the local shop owner this question about a month ago. Lidsdale near Lithgow and Kinross at Orange are two closest options but discussions underway to hopefully build something closer to town in the not too distant future... was a bit at panorama, but currently unused

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Little bit up around the common but nothing to write home about.
Apparently some stuff out near Perthville but from what I can tell it fire rd broken up with stretches of tar.

Sunny Corner has a heap of moto single trail, a little straight up and down but fun sections can be found

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+1 for Kinross out at Orange. Great trails so get out there!

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thanks for the info guys, I'll give Kinross a go. Is there any info written about Kinross?

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There's a bit here -

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When I went out there I was working off one of their old trail maps but I think I still managed to ride most of everything above Bulgas Rd. Missed everything below it though. The new web site looks great.

Make sure you ride the trail that runs parallel to Bulgas Rd - nice flowing single track.

I'd never been in a pine plantation before and TBH found it a little spooky. Under the canopy nothing grows. So all you are left with is a carpet of brown pine needles with tree trunks sticking out. Quite eerie, especially as it started to get towards dusk.

Good riding though.

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Hmm. We own a rental house out at Orange. Might have to go do an tenant inspection. Cool

Pretty cold this time of year, though. Pack your woollies! Laughing out loud

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Thanks for the tip on Kinross forrest, I got out there for a ride on Friday. I rode on my own (which in hindsite may have not been such a great idea) for about 3 hours, about 2 & 1/2 of which I was completley lost! Next time I'll try to find someone with local knowledge to ride with, or invest in a GPS...

Fantastic single trails, I'm looking forward to the Grapecrusher 6hr ride out there in October!

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