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By Kingy - Posted on 29 June 2010

OK Guys here we go just about to jump in the Ford with Vinnie he will be one in the photos wearing the Ozzy osbourne slippers and head up to Katoomba council.

There are going to heaps of BMORCERS there so stay tuned we will post the results just after the meeting

Wwe have a good chance of winning the first legal downhill track in the blue mountains so we are full of hope and the news and word looks like it is going to be positive.

Will report back soon

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Well I was all set for Todd to pick me up - 10 past 6 at the top of my driveway.
So I get home from work at 10 to 6 run inside, shovel in some food, find out the hot water system has split a pipe to the solar panels and pissed water everywhere over the roof, turn off the water to the system, run next door and sweet talk the neighbour into helping my wife find a fix - he happened to have some caps but had done in his back and couldn't get under the house to fix it but would see what he could do, fielded a phone call from my mum, and then waited out the front for Todd.
Managed to be out there by 6:07 - sweet 3 minutes early. Wait around until 6:30 and think maybe there was a message from Todd. Run back inside and check bmorc - time change to 6:00, whoops what a pain, must have just missed him.
Well I could either drive up myself (I know most of you probably would have done that) or fix the hot water. I chose the hot water - undid the pipes to the solar panels - water pissed everywhere due to over 3 metres of pipe above the fittings and put on the caps on - slight drip but it will hold until I can get someone out that wont charge a stupid call out fee for coming after hours. Hopefully we'll have water for a shower in the morning.

Anyway, give me some details about the meeting.............


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We wait with baited breath for our turn we are not far off there are about 30 BMORC members here and we are all ready to go for it good luck with pipes Ian

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Congratulations to all the BMORCERS we have secured a downhill track at the Knapsack reserve more news tomorrow it's beer o'clock

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Great show of support guys and good outcomes all round
big ups to the 3 speakers you all did a great job.

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It was a great result tonight. Thanks to Kingy, Neil and Mark for speaking tonight and big thanks to my mate Tony A for his guidance on all things BMCC. Was good to see a big turn out too.

Here's a photo of the night. And it's not just me.

BMCC attendees

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Cheers Flynny for making the trek over the great divide and your support over the whole time, mate you got passion and it means a lot, thanks to all the punters that rocked up the guys and gals from, there were faces in the crowd I knew and some i did'nt I wanted to spend more time with every one but time got away, the councillors were great they were congratulatory to us for forming a group and councillor Creed accreditied that to me but that was not me Al and Mark and Rob they all did that BMORC is not about one individual and as Mark Greenhill said tonight what got the reccomendations for the draft plan of management across the line for us in the end was the community spirit that we showed in making it happen.
Our commitment to our sport and the beleif that we could make this happen never erred and now as we enter the next phase we can draw on the energy that was abundant tonight in the hallowed halls of the Blue Mountains council.
It was standing room only and I can't recall ever seeing such a great turn out up there, congratulations to all that wrote, emailed rang or even willed this motion across the line it is a positive chapter in the book of mountain biking in Australia.

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Well done!

I have just polished off my third peppermint magnum in celebration...I feel sick.

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Avast but the cellar be dry, I will post up details tommorrow of the scribblys victory lap Sunday at 9am when we shall bask in the glory

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Great night guys, what a turn up, congrats to Kingy, Neil and Mark for some fine public speaking that actually cut through, Democracy in this land comes up trumps again, methinks the numbers that were acumulating were actually a driving force, pollies understand 1 thing above all,numbers mean votes!
Now the hard work begins!

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when authorised MTB trails in the mountains are taken for granted
The old farts of MTB will talk about this night

It will be seen as the turning point
When MTB'ers united to become a significant user group
And MTB became a recognised sport in the mountains

Achieving legendary status will be all those who made it happen
In the spotlight and behind the scenes

The positive words that came from the councilors last night, particularly Cr Greenhill
was an indication of the hard work done by our reps in the last 3 months

Excellent stuff

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Check out page 15 of the Gazette today. Couldn't find a link yet.

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First of all,congrats to the guys who were present. You all did obviously a fantastic job and would like to thank you all.

This question maybe a bit early, but I was wondering if we actually know what part of the hill we can use, when can we start construction and how may trails can we build??

Thanks again

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Still a long way to go.

report into actual trail design and location brought forward from 12ths down the track to 4 months. Lots of walking and talking in between now and then

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I would like to say a huge thankyou to all the people who turned up at the meeting. They are long and boring (though the rates debate was quite interesting... big respect to the farmer lady from the Megalong) and everyone just really had to stand around be there for a long time. That presence really showed we were a serious group of people not just the few ratbags we were last time.

Also thanks to everyone who wrote to council over the previous weeks. That really enabled a dialog to be opened up with council.

Now will be the fun part.. track work (plus more burocracy). We have a lot more to do in a short time frame so people can get back on their bikes... so when the calls come out for muscle work please join in. We have a lot to prove here, we have been given a great opportunity so now need to really act on it.

EDIT : It made the Blue Mountains Gazette

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