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By Chuck - Posted on 29 June 2010

Group photo of those who attended the BMCC meeting 29 June 2010. Thanks to everyone!

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Thanks all, so many riders and residents came, the original architect of OBR was in the midst, Bear one of Australia's greatest mountain bike frame builders, the pylot crew, so many passionate people...................stoked I am stoked!

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After all the hard work by so many, finally some positive moves forward. Great to see such good turn out, we choked the Council Chambers. Well done, to the speakers and all the effort by Kingy, Al, Mark, Neil, Flynny etc.

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So what was the outcome? I'd read the business paper but what did the council ultimately resolve?

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Ugly bunch yeah..

Sam E Dawg, the resolution was to adopt the recommendation with an amendment to the time frame so that the next report could be brought forward from 12 months to 4 months.

Still a lot to do before an actual track starts to be built and formalised but the mood from councilors and riders a like was very positive it looks like BMORC and BMCC will have an open and positive line of communication

I thought it was a big step forward in rider, land manager relationship

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