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Sticky Front Wheel

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By J the B - Posted on 02 July 2010

Found a good picture of me from the Marathon-Photos site. At about 5kms from the finish, I overtook someone and collected a large stick in the front wheel. Lots of crunching noises and bits of stick flying through the air, and somehow, I smashed it to pieces and kept on going. Got to the finish and found a large section of stick still threaded though the spokes - you can see it in the photo. And when I think of what could have happened...

Scottboy's picture

situation a few times in races , had to jump off & pull it out

Andy Bloot's picture

Good photo
I looked like a nonce in most of mine

And btw
who is that wacky jack in your avatar

Vinno's picture

Most of them?

I looked up nonce on Wiki and there a couple of meanings. I like this one.

"a number or bit string used only once"

The other is not very nice.

Andy Bloot's picture

Can we change nonce to 'dooly' perhaps

nonce: paedophile paedo pervert twat pedo gay queer wanker homo pedophile peedo nonse chav rapist kiddy fiddler child molester

J the B's picture

...but I was going so fast, the skinned peeled off my face. Smiling

It is definitely me, though: who else rides with home-made neoprene elbow guards?

And yes, I confess that my saucepan-blast-helmet doesn't attract the murmours of awe and respect that I thought it would (my superhero aspirations sadly crushed), but who are you, Mr Bloot, to talk about wacky jack avatars?

Andy Bloot's picture

So are you saying that is you in a home made hat and goggles
i thought it was from some sci fi show you liked

Ian_A's picture

Looks like the you've given the gob a trim to JB.
I guess it adds to the aerodynamics and streamlines your race figure.

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