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Clean up the World day 17-19 September

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 11 August 2010

Anybody wanna participate ...

when the Manly club organised a clean up Australia day site at Oxfordfalls ... the local councillor that lives nearby was really chuffed and was gushing ... and I believe that was one of the turning points.

Doesn't have to be at knapsack ... could be the oaks, or the track with no name ... or the moto place with all the engine parts.

good opportunity IMO.
Clean Up the World Weekend 2010

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We're doing it but the venue has yet to be confirmed. Happy to join in anywhere. I'll see what the boss has planned.

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Alternatively ... we just tack on to something already organised and do the BMORC promo thing ... how we doing for sticker stocks ??

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Sticker stocks are high... I'd say we have given away 200. Got around 300 left. So can go crazy.

Have to keep an eye out for what is happening up here that is kind of near to a riding area. Could organise a good one at Todd's area in Winmallee where there are always problems.

I was thinking of organising a scribblies, but may just do that by myself before then.

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be good to show the locals what can be done
When you just get in and do it
Rather than just talk about it/ think about it/ rant about it

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For this type of activity we need a BMORC sandwich board (aka A-frame folding pavement sign). We put BMORC on one side and "Cleanup day" on the other (or whatever activity it is that we're doing at the time).

Any time we have a clean up / maintenance day, we stick it up next to the cleanup crew / vehicle so that passersby can see who we are and what we're doing (and so they know that we're not DUMPING the rubbish that's in the back of the ute).

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That is a bit crazy, but I really like that idea!

Organising cleanups also breaks that sort of "Earth Hour" be environmental for 60minutes each year myth. Somewhere needs a cleanup the BMORC clean-up vigilante force can do the task.

Can also be a precursor to a ride so the day has fun rather than just being satisfying spritually and leaving you $15 out of pocket for tip fees.

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BMORC Sandwich Board

I purchased a metal A frame board for the local football club. It was about $360. Or we could make a simple white laminated timber one for a few dollars that would work just as well.

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Just in case anybody misinterpreted my comments about the talking rather than doing to mean MTB'ers
It relates to the heat we received when Scribbly's was resurrected

One woman even told me she'd been rehabilitating the area for over 10 years
Yet we're standing not more than 5 feet away from a trailer load of dumped house demolition crap
And John tells me it's been there in the years he's been using the place

it's not there anymore because Mark, John and I cleared this and other rubbish up
The place is starting to look better now
But the dumpers are still flaunting a long and agonising death by bicycle pump

So I reckon we get in there and clean it up properly
We will need to pitch in some money to dump the stuff at the tip
And at the same time I don't think a couple of signs to the dumpers would hurt either
Just a general 'dump here and die- you are being watched' sort of thing
These selfish retards need to know to leave Scribbly's alone
And it would make me think twice

I think the majority of people are now in our favour
And it would be good to show that we're not a threat
We could even put up a couple of signs on the road advertising the clean up
The more hands we have on deck the better

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I dont think I will be able to attend that weekend. Will be at my brothers bucks party.

Like the sound of scribleys.

Alternatively, knapsack is still loaded with broken glass.
Another alternative is Werrington Lake. was there last week with my friend and her 4yo and the place was filthy. Trailer loads I imagine. But that is outside the Blue Mountains. (Could be a way to grab outside attention with the Penrith Newspapers)

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Sorry for being a promo whore ... but all that work your doing at scribblies ... especially if you have a bit of local support ... would be a good gazette article ... especially something like "... we are paying out of our own pockets to clean up after dumpers so we can enjoy riding the place."

read: Local Vandals with search engines clean up after dumpers ...

Sandwich board and all Smiling

may want to check with relevant contacts whether advertising our clean up and then riding it is a good idea first ???

moggio's picture
may want to check with relevant contacts whether advertising our clean up and then riding it is a good idea first ???

I think it might be best to keep that type of thing low key and just let the local users of the place know and get involved if they want.

Knapsack could go a gazette article one day... shame we can't pull out the dumped cars but there is other crap.

Other areas where we just happen to ride... it may only be a small section could do with the sandwich board and could handle a little media attention.. stuff like Todd's or I know Digger Coooper Reserve up here.

But really I think a grass roots approach with locals who are most immeadiately affected will the have the greatest benefits. We found that locally on our cleanups.

Alternatively, knapsack is still loaded with broken glass.

I swear are all areas within 1km of habitation in the Blue Mountains just thick with broken glass buried in the soil?

Nerf Herder's picture

We have a tentative location which will be winmalee way. or alternatively we can leverage off the good will with mundee rangers.

Now could I have an indication of numbers ???

5weeks away ... aiming for the Saturday 18Sep10.

I'll need to lock in location in the next couple days ... Todd ... looks at you kinda to tell me what area would have the most benefit ??

xtc's picture

18 Sept- I'm in-
Not sure what area in Winmalee you and Todd have discussed but the Blue Gum Swamp gets a lot of use by walkers, Mtbs, etc,
However, after our walk on Sat at Yellomundee there seems a fair bit of work to do there as well. Would sit well with NPWS too .

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I agree with Moggio, keep all the good work at scribblies on the down low at present. It is however being noticed by locals (like myself) and reflecting positively back on the riding community. When the day comes, this support is the most important of all.

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At scribblies yesterday and some rotten bastard has dumped a load of garden waste halfway through the big loop- just near the top of the "fire road" chute- (probably doesn't make sense) but the lazy mongrels will go to a lot of trouble to save $10 at the tip!

Andy Bloot's picture

I've cleared a path through it now
Will need to rake it out and get rid of the rubbish within the garden waste
(beer cans - freakin bogans)

Mark wants to make the section leading up to this unsuitable for vehicles
I also think some signage wouldn't go astray in a couple of spots
These pinheads need to understand that getting caught could be ugly
And it would be far safer for them to go elsewhere

Problem is that tip fees mean there will always be dumping
This area has been a big problem for council for years

But we need to make it clear to these subhuman retardates that this is no longer a dumping ground
There are people actively involved in maintaining it, rather than blathering on about it
And getting caught could potentially be a health (or wealth) hazard

And we need to organise a clean up day one weekend
We need a big trailer and a lot of hands - all the regular riders
And someone to make a few signs
And if everyone chucks in $10 for tip fees
We can get this place a bit cleaner looking
And hopefully stop or at least decrease this endless bloody dumping going on here

The Brown Hornet's picture

Let me know when you need some rubbish transport and the dual cab ute can be pressed into service. If I'm working someone can grab it as I usually ride to work.

Flynny's picture

"but the lazy mongrels will go to a lot of trouble to save $10 at the tip!"

Yeah there are some pricks around. Found a heap of stuffed dumped at lidsdale last night and both the Wallerawag and Lithgow tips are free of charge...


Nerf Herder's picture

18th ... ???

so far:
Me, Brian

Maybes: Todd, mog ???, JP (depending on other plans)

I'm gonna given until this Friday ... if we don't have more then say a dozen ... then I won't bother organising for the specific clean up the world day thingy.

Other clean up mission:
Scribblies riders.

I reckon we ask Soren for some signs ??? or mays your various other contacts ?? doesn't have to be via BMORC (although I still think its a good opportunity)

Andy Bloot's picture

Michelle accepted a new job this week
So we're leaving for Crescent Head on the Friday for a week
Be her last chance for a holiday for a while
You know I'd be there otherwise

re scribblies
I was thinking more some home made jobbies
Keep it a bit under the radar

Is anyone up for a Sunday 29th August or 5 September clean up of Scribbs
Have a ride and then spend a couple/ few hours cleaning up
Maybe even do a bit of maintenance
Show of hands?

Isildur's picture

Sorry mate, can't do the 29th, as I'll be celebrating my 30th the night before. I'll have a better look into the 5th though and get back to you.

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Did some cleanup this morning and got a dirty look from some rider going past, obviously thinking I was dumping rather than removing someone elses damn rubbish. Ended up taking out one trailer load.. 2tone of crap. Rubbish also strangely included a new bicycle tube!!

So really need to get the BMORC sandwich board up and running stating "cleanup in progress"

Nerf Herder's picture

Presume two bits of Ply ... hinges and whitewash is enough ??? say 1.5m x 1m sides ?? or is that a bit big ?

I'll leave the graphic design and wording to others ?? whats the chances of getting something like a gig poster like thing printed and slapped on the ply ??

Say ... BMORC (sustainable blurb) ... trail crew on site ... can use it for other things too.

I'll bring it up Thursday ?

moggio's picture

Anybody have any ideas on how to get a few A4 type black on white with maybe some red printed on plastic type text signs printed up cheaply?

Want to put up some signage for the rubbish dumpers to at least deter them a little bit. WThere was whole damn privet tree dumped today in the bush at the top of a nice hill.. perfect location to spead the seeds. Andy I spent a long time moving it around 50ft into a hollow and dead area where the seeds can't spread... need a big vehicle to remove all that crap when we get a chance. Dumpers are really a bunch of F%$&ing a%^$&oles!!!!

Chuck's picture

Dumping must be an issue up the top, can't say I see much down here. Will keep a better eye out now.

moggio's picture

There are few areas up here that seem to have a long history of dumping going back decades... they have easy access as well so people take advanatge of them.

Also the Katoomba tip is not a tip anymore, but a waste transfer station which is more awkward to work with when dropping of rubbish where it now requires sorting.. may be a little more expensive as well (not sure), so I think it just seems a little harder to use than the good old tip.

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