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Current state of Sparrow Hill...

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By moggio - Posted on 15 November 2010

Well, I was in Canberra on the weekend and even though I knew Sparrow Hill was being logged and chopped by the road redirection, seeing it in person was quite a surprise.

Its now a 12km trail (rather than 38km) and most of the really great bits are gone (ie stuff like Bob Sled, Rigour Mortis, Heavy Cow and Home Run). A fun ride still but not the special trail it once was Sad

I'm sure great new stuff will be built, especially as the work on the trail over the road for the Mont.

I haven't seen any pics of the forest in its current state so for those interested, here are a few.

The first three pics are from the position around where the riders grabbed their bikes at the start of the Mont was last year

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Oh dear god, home run extension...sniff sniff

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Actually I guess some of home run is still there, just unable to be linked to at the moment as its in an isolated section of forest.

The first photo you are looking pretty much exactly up the Bobsled run.

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