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Bloot's birthday bash

Andy Bloot's picture

By Andy Bloot - Posted on 09 December 2010

Sunday, 12 December, 2010 - 09:30
3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

At the trail head. PM if unsure


OK mo fo's
Help old Bloot see in his 47th year
With a couple of laps of the old faithful Scribbly's.

Weather is predicted to be perfect
So support your LBS and get yourself to Bikeminded tomorrow
Pick me up a nice gift - doesn't have to be expensive unless you think it necessary
And I'll see y'all Sunday
Oh - no gift no ride (ha ha)

Who's in?
Andy Bloot, Isildur, moggio, Ian_A, BM Epic
Andy Bloot Isildur moggio Ian_A BM Epic
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Brian's picture

Happy birthday Andy. 47, I thought I read you were 33 Sticking out tongue

I would come out but I will be up the coast.

J the B's picture

And I'll probably have a mate along, showing me up on the girlfriend's hardtail.

Andy, you know that birthday boys have to do one extra lap for every present they receive...

moggio's picture

I'm pretty darn sure I will be there...

Andy did a great crash the other day as well... I don't usually laugh at other people's crashes but he did a really messy fall when he seemingly forgot he was riding and swatted some large flying thing off his chin. Still it was after flicking a bull ant up from his front wheel onto his face, and I'd had a leach and we he had been coated with spider webs.... so understandable to be skitish. So he is always good value to ride with.

Ian_A's picture

Happy Birthday Andy, was mine this week as well.

I might have 2 extra's if they're up for it.

Andy Bloot's picture

Came off in a mushed out berm
So should be a laugh on Sunday

BM Epic's picture

I'm in big fella, might bring a camera for future amusement, i though i was the only one who did big public crashes!

Nerf Herder's picture

Sorry can't make it, but enjoy your 30th for the 18th time (I had to think about that)

Chuck's picture

Happy Birthday deBloot.

Isildur's picture

Well, looks like I'll be joining the Sunday morning hangover ride! Got my work Christmas party tonight, so should be hungover enough to keep up Smiling

hathill's picture

Sorry Mr Bloot - the better half has Christmas shopping duties and I must look after the dirt magnets.
Happy birthday anyway, see you on Tuesday!

J the B's picture

My rear shock's crapped itself. No idea what's going on, but there's pretty much no travel in it whatsoever. Don't want to ride it in case I really damage it.
Sorry guys. Andy, don't forget that birthday boys got to do the most laps.

moggio's picture

Maybe it's blown through, where the air passes the seal and the pressure equalises and then it basically does nothing.

Had Bikeminded fix mine two years back... I stopped riding on it too as soon as I had limped home on it.

Andy Bloot's picture

Great weather, great crew and track in very nice condition

Thanks to Gab for the shifter cables and Chris for my sweet tart (the eating kind)
And thanks to everyone for coming along
And all the birthday wishes

Now it's time for the old fart to put his feet up

Isildur's picture

I agree Andy, great ride, great weather, all in all good fun! I'll post some picture up in a sec, just resizing & selection what ones to put up.

PM me your email address is anyone wants the Full Res versions Smiling

Ian_A's picture

I really like the track up there, well done guys.
Look forward to riding with everyone again next week.

Isildur's picture

Righteo, so photos are up in case anyone wants a look!

moggio's picture

Was a fun ride... nice riding with lots of others, shame I had to head off early.

Riding with Todd also means an almost endless conversation which is a lot of fun.

waratah's picture

Thanks everyone, I had a heap of fun. Had to bunny hop a blue tongue lizard waltzing down the middle of the single track on the way home. Reptiles were out to party too.

Many more years of good riding ahead of you Bloot.

BM Epic's picture

Awesome day boys, was a top social turnout, great to have chitty chatty with Mark, just like days of old, except without the blood!

BM Epic's picture

Get them photos up if you can mate!, there is allready some good photos, or are they yours!..who had the other camera?..Markus Welby?????

Isildur's picture

The photo's up are the ones from my camera. Mark had the other camera. Just waiting for him to post them up & email me Eye-wink

moggio's picture

My damn camera isn't letting me get photos off it at the moment for some reason and I haven't had time to really work it out. Will try and do in the upcoming days after tomorrow.

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