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Mount Hay

At a Glance

Status: Unknown
2 for 18km (100%)
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You can only get so close but you want to get closer and touch it as the view is amazing. Unfortunately NO BIKES past the end of Mt Hay Rd. If you want to get closer, bring a chain and lock plus some walking shoes.

Overall A decent ride with not to many steep hills. Trail was relatively smooth and the views are amazing.

Meeting Point: 

There is parking and Information Signage near the Gate about 2km down the dirt Mt Hay rd.

Full Description: 

Its all bout the Views! Check out "Flat Top" "The Pinnacles" "Butterbox Point" "Mount Hay" (yes, this ride is also known as "Butterbox Point" in some circles).

14kms of Dirt road with a few side tracks that could be explored for extra length.

Return trip is mostly uphill so can get a little tiring.

Mt Hay Rd is an open road to all Vehicles so when blurring down a hill, dont forget a car could be coming the other way.

Oh, and dont forget to check out the views from Flat Top. Its only a 10min walk.


Shops and Train Station can be found in Leura about 5km up from the trail head.

Facilities/Points of Interest
Mount Hay Trail head

This is the trail head of Mount Hay Road. The gate here is only closed when National Parks are closed. A large information sign with a map is also found here.

Flat top

A short 10min walk will get you on Flat top for a fantastic near 360° view of the surrounding area.

The Pinnacles, Rock wall, Mount Banks and Mount Hay from Flat TopFlat Top

Mount Hay Car Park offers great views

Mount Hay car park offers a great view. From here you can see Mount Hay when looking North East. You can also see Mount Banks when looking north across the Grose Valley. To the east is Butterbox Canyon. Unfortunately from here on its walking track only. Its a 1km bushwalk/climb to Mount Hay. There is no lookouts at the top.
Mount HayButterbox Point and Mount Hay Panoramic

Flat top car park

Next to Flat top walking track is a couple of parking spaces

Lockley car park

Next to Lockley walking track are several parking spaces

Mount Hay Car Park

Mount Hay car park offers a small amount of parking. Unfortunately from here on its walking track only. From here its a 1km bushwalk/climb to Mount Hay. There is no lookouts at the top.

Mount Hay Trail head parking

Mount Hay trail head offers a small amount of parking.

Leura Trainstation

From Leura station, head north along Leura mall crossing the Great western Highway. Turn right down Britain St or Churchill St, at the end you then turn left onto Mount hay Rd. Continue North and stay on mount Hay Rd to the trail head.

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