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BMORC BBQ Fundraiser Results!

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By Kingy - Posted on 15 January 2011

Hi guys,

Huge turn out I Lost count at 20 but a great effort by all.

Lots happened on the day and that's a story in itself but I will let the boys regail all the fun bits I am here to deliver that facts!

Our purchases for the day consisted of;

Pastoral Prime Country Meats
600 Sausages. $268
Chippys Foods
Onions , Serviettes, Sauces, Gloves $148

Blaxland Country Bakehouse
60 loaves sliced bread. $108

Natures Best
Bulk Water 144 Dozen. $360

Canned Drink 20 Dozen. $70

Ice. 8 Bags (coles). $25

Total. $979
Takings. $2442
Profit. $1468

Gallery of pics

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Great day, and good to see lots of people helping out, and good on ya Kingy and co for all the organisation etc.

Not a bad amount!!!!!

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Was a great day, what awesome results!
A few observations....Paul King definitely missed his calling, being a used car salesman on parramatta road, dressed in white slacks, white faux leather slip on dress shoes with little gold chain, pink polo shirt, reflector sunglasses and a solarium tan!
Michael( big chuck), he has realised his calling...This is one man who knows what the term delegate means, it was heard several times yesterday, mike can you do this or that?..only to see the big man get someone else to do it!..and he was quite open about it, this is success, because all people fell under his wicked spell and did what they were told!
Lee made me think of him as a rotary engine that had been hotted up to the hilt, he revved and revved and just kept on revving, and every now and then instead of backfiring like a rotary, he was heard to say "roger that"..what a worker he would be!
Mark( moggio) rolling up and attempting a mike(big chuck), but soon he fell under the big mans mysterious spell, and started selling raffle tickets, nice try big fella, lets face it, mike is the guru of looking like he is doing something( but doing nothing, but jibber jabbering ), and making every succumb to his wicked ways!
Gus(deadparrot) rolling up on a very rolly, raky, and lets face it, very heavy looking downhill bike, and it was making lots of noise, then i noticed it had no pedals, so i thought i better try and identify this orange and black beast, was it a Giant glory?, was it a specialized demo?, an intense m9?....tell me, what sort of downhill bike is a Harley Davidson, mustn't be that good, i haven't seen any of the top pro's on one?????
Myself, i left at 1.30pm to go and represent BMORC at the 4hour enduro race, Jeff and I represented so well in fact, we pulled the pin 3/4 of the way through the race, it being one of the worst days that i have ever ridden, heat and humidity were appalling, sponsored riders dropping like flies, but Jeff and I bravely plodded along, plodded being the operative word, both of us riding our 2nd and 3rd bikes, Jeff on an ancient schwinn, with terrible gears and suspension, me on a scott scale that was 2 sizes too small( i didn't want to get my evo muddy), but we battled on until we couldn't no more, this morning i am still shaking and wanting to vomit, but that might have something to do with guzzling 4 litres of soft drink and 2 violet crumbles and 3 packets of fizz wizz, oh what a health nut!
Good times for all!

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Kingy is one heck of a character...That water selling was like some TV challenge where if he sold it all he would win a million dollars or something... yet he gave his all just for BMORC. The lines used were brilliant "You mate look like you are buying stuff for moving house, now you are going to get thirsty so you need some water..." . The stuff of legend!

Also an awesome effort organising the thing Kingy and a big one for Tim too with the raffle organisation and really everyone else who did helping out. Great effort.

I didn't even spot Michael and his delegating..... but come to think of it, yeah the sneaky fellow!! He did some great spruking too of the BBQ.

So a really great result with the funds raised too. I also think we enganged with a certain amount of the community and passed on the message of what we are trying to do which was good. One guy fully supported the idea of off-road cycling as he thought the less of those bikes on the road the better!

Oh and btw, Todd glad your race was horrible, just because they make the best stories Smiling

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How dedicated are the BMORC crew
Led by fearless leader - Kingy
One person commented that it was the best run sausage sizzle at Bunnings he'd seen

When I turned up I had a laugh to myself
Gilbo and Tim sweating up a storm sizzling snags like madmen
Todd, Wes and Stephen preparing the bread
Jo and Gabby on the till and drinks
Mogg and Big Chuck selling raffle tickets like a house was up for grabs
What a slick machine and what a queue!

And plenty of people turning up throughout the day to help out - awesome

And Kingy - what can you say
He could sell water to an alcoholic - he probably did!

And Gus and Vince in those fetching aprons
I get a little light headed thinking about it - hubba hubba

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Well done all. The Kings (Mr & Mrs) did a great job, as did all who turned up. Just call me blisters as I turned up when the work was over!

Todd, I have your raffle prize here but surprisingly it's just an empty bag! I'd speak to the organisers about this mate.

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Great day, great result! Totally enjoyed helping out wherever possible at yesterdays BMORC BBQ, and getting the message out there in the community that mountain biking is a great sport to be enjoyed by all Smiling

Onya Kingy and to everyone else who helped out on the day.

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Thats awesome everybody ... big up to Kingy for organising one hell of a sausage sizzle

Thanks tanks to everybody that put in ... looks like a great day.

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Good to back up on what you started bro, we now are truely an undeniable force for good with the reddies to prove it bring on the build! Eye-wink

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Great day, great results, and a big thank you to all the sponsors. Tim / Kingy, can you just whack up that list of sponsors here again?

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The BMORC BBQ was a ripping success on the weekend big thanks to:
Bunnings Warehouse Jamisontown
The Henry Lawson Club at Werrington
Cranks Bikeshop
Blackman Bicycles
Insane Cycles
Panther Cycles
Natures Best Water
The secret soft drink supplier
Lopez Brothers Transport
Pastoral Prime Country Meats Emu Plains
Blaxland East Country Bakehouse
The BMORC volounteers
My Mum and my Wife for putting up with my insance hobbies which often take me away from my chores at home Smiling

We raised almost $1500 clear after expenss, we got through 600 sausage sandwiches, 220 cans of drink, and 980 bottles of H2O!
Some one passed comment that it was the best Bunnings BBQ they had seen, I am really thankfull that we had a nice day for it and that the community got behind us!

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Biggest and best Bunnings event yet!

Thanks to BMORC and all sponsors, I even got a tube with my sausage Smiling

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Top effort was great to meet some of the guys/girls be great to get out on a ride soon.

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Yeah mate can't wait to get out and turn a gear with ya fella!

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