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Mt York Sunday Morning

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By Ian_A - Posted on 23 January 2011

Re: This ride meeting: 
Mt York Sunday Morning

Nice ride around Mt York area this morning. Started the day arriving pretty spot on 8:30 to find Todd sleeping in his car.
Had a quick chat, then Jim comes rolling down the hill having parked further up. We ride up the road for a bit then jump on to the track.
It was mostly fairly easy going, technical in places but still fairly flowy, until the 'shute'. Jim just powered down, Todd had a look first then did the same. I was a bit more reluctant, but the boys talked me in to it and I made it fine.
Nice flowy downhill with some log drops then turn around and go back. I managed to ride basically back to the steps with just 2 little stutters on the logs going up.
We were just cruising back fairly easily, when out of nowhere Todd pulls out a nice front flip with a bit of a pike going over a log and his bike ends up facing back where he was coming from. Not sure exactly how he managed it but he may explain further........
New bike went well. The only problem now is with a more capable bike than pilot there are few excuses that dont simply involve the rider being shit.
All in all twas a nice intro to real upper mountains riding and much different to Scribblies.
Cheers for the tour Todd and Jim.

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It was an awesome ride, just love the techy nature of it, the only explanation i have for the front flip is you are not supposed to apply brakes when trying to hop up a log?????..Really was great to see you clear the shute Ian, it's not luck or anything like that, it's application and technique, you really made it look easy, had a ball following Jim down the first, fast open downhill, and then both of us two wheel drifting around the right hand corner, that was riding heaven, glad to see all bikes running awesome, i am sooo happy with mine and both of you guys ought to be happy with yours!
Next time we do the whole lockyers, onto the comet inn and then up lawsons long alley!
Had a great day and didn't get a scratch!

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Bike was awesome. So glad my wife let me spend the money!

Hopefully Jim will post up some of them photo's, be good to see it in action.

We'll get some GHS Fri arv rides happening too Todd. Also be good to see a bit more out at Mt York.



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The photos should be up now:

The Spark's running brilliantly after a major service. It's amazing the difference when your rear shock's not locked solid.

Thanks Todd for giving us some last minute entertainment, and a lesson in bicycle acrobatics. Have I got the technique on this trick right here:

You ride up to a log, moderate pace, then lift the front wheel and hit the brakes at the same time, so that the front wheel comes down hard just in front of the log, which you run into, you weight goes forward, back wheel comes up, pivot on the front wheel, you go over the bars, the bike keeps pivoting on the front wheel then moves backwards and ends up upside down on its seat facing back the way it came...

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That is exactly how it happened, was going to stop( hence hands cocked on brake), but decided to jump it( only problem was as soon as i pulled back, presto, brakes on, over the bars, land in nice soft sand!).
Great end to the day!

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