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Mid week racing on the otherside of the sandstone curtain

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By Flynny - Posted on 26 January 2011

Just a shout out to our Mts brothers and sisters

CTMBC host Tuesday night racing from 6pm. We were at Lidsdale but since the logging trucks rolled in have been hitting some new stuff at Rydal.

We get a few Bluies locals along and are always happy to welcome more.

We're not serious racer boys, you go as hard as you want, try and beat you previous times or your mate and just have a bit of fun.

Short course of around 3km and A grade do 5 laps, usually every one is finished in 50min and we head to the pub for a bevvie or three (One of the appeals of the new trails is Rydal pub is 700m from the track head...)

So if anyone has time on a tuesday night and wants to give it a go come on up. We have riders from 7 to 60 and the grades go on how many laps you want to do rather than how fast/fit/egotistical you are.

Racing costs $5 ($10 for rounds #1 -#3 to help pay for some trail building) and if you are not an mtba member a day license will set you back $15.

Anyway, as I said a few guys have been making the trip over west of the mountains and the more the merrier

All the round get post in the calendar

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Methinks i might have to come on over to Rydal for some good times, it's near mudgee, is that right Craig?

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Mudgee? No where close todd. lol

Out the back of Lake Lyle so 10min from Lithgow. It's literally 3km as the crow flys from Lidsdale. Little further by rd

Go past the Lidsdale turn and after about 1km theres a signposted turn to the left

Every thing you like about lidsale without the boring bits and the long climbs...

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That makes it easier Craig!..i am getting it mixed up with something else, hot day and my brain has used up it's allotted energy for the day!..this sounds like awesome fun!

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Sounds great, Shame I wouldnt be able to cross the Mountains in time after work.
Thats alot of land there, will you be expanding Flynny?

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yeah we've got big plans,
there are a lot more trails too. Moto stuff criss crosses the area back towards Lidsdale south side, I just haven't mapped them yet.

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So is this going to be the area that eventually is Lidsdale's replacement for XC?

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Yeah Mark, the area has a heap of potential and we're pretty excited about it.
Need to do a bit more work with state forest but they have been very supportive.

Rydal village Association is also keen to push the area. How many places in Aus do we get the whole gamut of accom including camping, BB, guest house, and luxury resorts were you can hit the trails from your door step?

There bit we're working on is pretty gently undulating but turn east and it gets steep and rocky very quickly

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Please keep us upto date with work plans, I wouldnt mind getting my hands dirty

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No worries ChopStir.

If you go into your account setting and select edit/access and content you can choose to view content from ctmbc, so then the dig days will show up for you when you look on the bmorc calendar

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digging on Sunday if anyone is keen to check it out

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Another dig day tomorrow if ya keen

it's coming along nicely

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