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2011 National Tracks and Trails Conference

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 03 February 2011

Tracks and Trails 6th Annual Conference
The Business of Trails
Sydney Olympic Park
April 13th - 16th

Keynote Speakers announced!The 2011 National Tracks and Trails Conference is pleased to announce its three international keynote speakers, each an acknowledged expert in the diverse field of trail planning, construction and management. Additionally, the conference will showcase many local trail practitioners who continue to drive a best-practice agenda.

Significantly, the 2011 conference will showcase international examples of innovative and sustainable partnership development. As leaders in their respective fields, the latest news in the business of trails from US, Canada and the UK will set the agenda for the three day conference.

Daffyd Davis MBE
UK trail innovator Daffyd Davis MBE will outline his role in the revolutionary approach in developing the UK's first officially sanctioned purpose built mountain bike trail network at Coed y Brenin in 1994 and the mountain bike trail development strategy for the Whole of Wales. As the brains behind the 'trail centre destination' model in the UK, Daffyd was also involved in policy development (both in Wales and the UK) with the Forestry Commission and other agencies, to facilitate recreation and trail management - initially on a district basis and later at the national level. Daffyd now works as a trail destination consultant across Ireland, UK, Japan, Israel and Canada.

Pam Gluck - Executive Director American Trails
With over twenty years experience as a trail professional, Pam will outline the vision of American Trails which seeks to provide a trail experience to all Americans within 15 minutes of every home or workplace. The need for a clear strategic intent and the ability to drive meaningful partnerships with government, business and the community are two KPI's that define Pam's work and her inspiring presentations will provide valuable insights that can be placed within the Australian context.

Michael Haynes
Canadian Michael Haynes has a broad background trail development and management. He is currently the Director of TransActive Solutions, a company dedicated to improving the walkability and bikeability of Canadian communities. He has been a member of project teams developing cycling and pedestrian plans, trail plans as well as Active Transportation plans. Previously, he was the National Active Transportation and TrailsCanada Coordinator of "Go for Green", managing the national trails website and was the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Trails Federation, the provincial NGO coordinating the development of the Trans Canada Trail. Michael will dive into the issues of developing policy that delivers cost effective solutions and more sustainable health, transport, environmental, recreation and tourism outcomes to the community.

Each of these leading experts will treat delegates to an open and frank assessment of the work they do.

With its overarching theme of "The Business of Trails", the 2011 National Tracks and Trails Conference will provide the opportunity for land managers within local and state government agencies, district rangers, small business operators, community groups and trail developers to learn and share with a broad range of experts in their respective fields.

Whether your business is tourism, recreation, transport or the environment - this conference will deliver something for everyone!

Register NOW! Go to

Bicycle SA is proud to be the conference organiser for the 2011 National Tracks and Trails Conference - ph 08 8168 9999

Also of note:
In a follow-up to the 2008 conference, mountain biking will continue to be an important dialogue for 2011. We are pleased that IMBA Australia has agreed to program the MTB streams within the conference.

National Director Nicolas Bowman, has been travelling the country since October 2009 providing comprehensive advice to regional and metro communities seeking to establish a way forward as they develop sustainable tourism and recreational mountain biking opportunities.

Increasingly, a more intensive format is offered via a series of four day workshops.

IMBA Australia will host one such practicum from Saturday 9 April to Tuesday 12 April - details released soon.

For 2011, the in-room the mountain biking stream will present some of the latest research on how IMBA standard single track techniques that have proven to define what we understand 'sustainable' to be, as well as a wealth of other concepts and ideas to get your community riding.
If you wish to discuss your mountain biking needs directly with IMBA Australia, Nicolas can be emailed here or have a look at

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I want to go are you going?

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It's on the calendar.

We need to get Moggio to attend for us. Maybe we can all chip in.

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Not cheap!
2011 Conference Early Bird Delegate Rate for Full Confrence Package

2011 Conference Late Registration Delegate Rate for Full Confrence Package

2011 Conference Delegate Day Rate Thursday 14 April

2011 Conference Cocktail Function

2011 Conference Standard Delegate Rate for Full Confrence Package

2011 Conference Delegate Day Rate Wednesday 13 April

2011 Conference Delegate Day Rate Friday 15 April

2011 Conference Student Delegate Rate for Full Confrence Package. Evidence of Studetn ID will be requried.

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There will be two reps going from the Glenrock Trail Alliance. NPWS want us to go, so we will be attending. Hopefully the park staff can attend with us.

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Gadzooks that's expensive!

I think we need to find someone who can help us pay.

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I attended a MTBA/State forest meeting several years ago where Daffyd was giving talks on what he had been doing and how it worked. It had a fair bit of influence on ACT forest giving the full go ahead for stromlo. He was a great talker and is worth hearing

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Maybe we could drop a hint to the councillors and local NPWS as it would benifet them as Land Owners which is a Major part of the conference.

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Mark Hawling and Matt Chambers I reckon Smiling
And BMCC can foot the bill!

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