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Overnight MTB trip

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By BigJosh - Posted on 21 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I only have a few hours left to do on my Ls so over the easter public holidays my dad and i are going for a overnight trip. Does anyone know of any XC mtb places in any direction 3-4 hours drive away from Sydney?

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Kiwarrak State Forest is about 4 hours away. looks pretty good from the photos

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Mt Stromlo bike park, well worth the hike!

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great place to ride and stay, try to hook up with some locals for an even better ride

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I was thinking about Stromlo, and if you say its worth it then that's where i'll go Smiling
Hope you too can get some riding in over the Easter break!
I've never heard of Kiwarrak but i'll definitely check it out next holidays, and if dad doesn't want to go to Stromlo then this will be Plan B.
Thanks for the suggestions, Josh

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24hr Solo champs on there this Sat/Sun

Other options in canberra are Bruce Ridge, Majura and Kowen

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if your in Canberra for a couple of days check out kowen forest near Queenbeyan, great single track there ,and also Bruce Ridge which is near the A I S. Have fun

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It's 5 and a bit hours away but plenty of single track there. I plan on heading out there this weekend some time with the girlfriend. It's nice a flat there so that will keep her happy.

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Nice place good foe camping sight seeing riding Smiling

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Another vote for Kiwarrak. We were up there midweek and the newly marked out XC track is great fun. Just follow the fluoro arrows on the trees and its hard to go wrong. Not a lot of climbing. Nearly all singletrack and it flows nicely.

Am thinking about organising a weekend away for a small group in a few weeks, preferring dads and sons. We have a house not far from there.

Back Yamma is also very good, although further afield and perhaps less likely to be booked out if you are camping. My preference is for Kiwarrak - the bulldust at Parkes makes for quite a loose track surface. The traction at Kiwarrak is excellent (excepting the occasional muddy bits) and would be a safer option.

I believe there is an event on there on one of the days this weekend. I'm sure day entries would be accepted. I can;t think of a better way to enjoy the track - sharing with a bunch of like-minded lunatics. Smiling

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Go to Glen Rock Conservation Area near Newcastle. You can ride around tracks there for days and not repeat yourself on the way up there, you can also stop at Ourimbah or Awaba too (Personally I like Glen Rock the best though)

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Hey guys Im planning a over night trip to Kiwarrak state forest. Im wondering if there is a camping ground or somewhere to camp there? Also as i am going with only one friend, I was wondering if anyone out there would like to ride with us as we have never been there before and we would like someone to give us the royal tour... so to speak.
We are planning to head there on the 9th of may and stay until the 10th or the 11th weather permitting. If anyone is interested you can email me on or text me on 0423-315-305.

Cheers Cain

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