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Trail bike or downhill bike rental for uk rider

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By mtbuk - Posted on 29 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

i need some help trying to find somewer to rent a good trail/downhill bike to do some riding near sydney. i am from the uk and do not hav access to my own bike if any1 has any suggestions of the best place to rent from an the best place to ride near sydney i wud be extremely grateful. plus is there anywer with cable car downhill riding here? look forward to replies

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... is about the closest you'll get in Sydney that I know of:

If you want chairlift supported downhill trails, that would be Thredbo, about 5 or so hours drive southwest of Sydney. I believe there are bike hire facilities on site or nearby. I'm not a downhiller - others may be able to supply more detail.

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thredbo definately rents out downhill bikes,pretty excy but well maintained kona's.Its at the service station on your left as you come into the village.Not sure if anywere in sydney rents anything other than xc style bikes...

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this time of year from now on-they would'nt do it in winter???

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You have to head for the mountains proper for chair lifts. Think Mount Buller (Victoria) or Thredbo. At both you will find decent DH rentals. However, I suspect they are both now closed for the season, awaiting some snow for the winter proper.

Most people in the area will ride DH at Oxford Falls. Perhaps not this weekend (due to rain) but normally if you post something here, or just rock up on a weekend morning there will be guys there to ride with. Here's some footage I just pulled up from YouTube:

I'm no DH rider, but hear the best DH riding around Sydney would be Ourimbah (where you can shuttle with your vehicle) or Awaba I guess. There's some great freeride stuff at Menai but don't think one could describe this as DH proper (oh, but check this video). There is also some DH stuff out west (Hassans Walls) or a private track at Del Rio resort (Wisemans Ferry) but not sure when they will be next having events.

There is also the world cup DH track at Mount Stromlo in Canberra but hardly close to Sydney Sad

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i think i remember Robbie at Drift telling me something about renting bikes, could be wrong but give drift a call in newcastle

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Yeah Oxford Falls is your best bet for downhill action. The track is pretty good these days. A good range of small jumps/drops to rather large ones. The list of injuries from the place is never ending Smiling

Ourimbah has been recently upgraded but is still a very pedally track.

Awaba is very steep in parts and has an excellent rock garden that isnt for the weak.

Rob Stromlo DH is in such bad shape it is not worthy to ride. Waste of time when i last went.

Mtbuk i suggest going to and signing up. Best place for downhill info and bikes for sale (and maybe renting, im not sure).

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