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Cyclenation Real Insurance XCM Series

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By tate - Posted on 03 May 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

XCM Series rankings are up.

Not sure how they calculate points, but i like it.

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Yep - the points scoring does seem a little bit odd.
I think it rewards sandbaggers like you Tate Eye-wink
I have done you in Cap Pun and also DW yet you still get me overall. WTF!

Its done on position within catagory, which to be honest it pretty fair. I like that women can be right up there too.
Remember, its best 3 from the series, and there are many rumours flying around about the Angry Doc replacement.

But well done - you are really in with a shot overall for the series if you play it carefully.

There is always Husky - maybe its time for you to race elite there? Smiling

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Maybe two of the scoring factors are hair colour and nationality! HaHaHa!
Nah just jokes, im sure they would'nt do that.....

My second MTB race and first 100km'er was DW2010. Elite next year for sure, but I think its fair to get on a couple of podiums before moving up.
Sandbagging would be to race and be competitive in elite last year, yet race CP and DW in opens/vets this year.

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What's that about Angry Doc, has it been cancelled?

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Citing Personal and Health Reasons....

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Did you see half way down page 2 of the cyclenation rankings?

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Have now though, well done, thats very good.

Back from Hospital, I have fractured my wrist, CT scan showed it up, so 6 weeks in cast for me!

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Sorry to hear that Logan Sad Hope you heal quick!

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Oh crap Andy that's bad luck. The fall was such a silly little slow speed one too.

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Oh crap x 2. Sorry to hear that mate.

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As they say, just gonna hit the turbo trainer and keep my fitness up, do some intervals etc and hopefully should be back in no time!

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