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Oaks Sinlge Track closures Sat 4th

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 28 May 2011

BMORC is assisting NPWS with some pruning on the Oaks singletrack and we would like to let other riders know that sections on the singletrack will be closed off on Saturday, 4 June 2011 from 9am. The plan is to close one section at a time so riders still get to ride parts of the singletrack on the day.

See official note here.

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Won't the trail fairies have it all to themselves as reward for their efforts lol

Gilbo and I are taking our bikes for 1 or 2 loops of the single track afterwards
Who else is coming?

Will the NPWS provide a vehicle to take us to back to the start after each lap
Could look at 3 or 4 laps then

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I'll bring my rig

I can also bring my trailer ... prolly fit 5 of us in my rav (I have a parks sticker)

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sounds good Al
XC shuttles - how decadent
See ya Satdy
BTW, will we need rake hoes and shovels in anticipation or just the hedge trimmers, loppers

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I don't think we will be digging ... but if its not a problem in your vehicle to bring them, then I would / I will be bringing mine.

I think the drainage will be later in future gatherings, but you never know, and it surely needs it.

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