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IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 01 July 2011

IMBA's Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

IMBA will celebrate its seventh annual International Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day on Saturday, October 1, 2011. This is a great opportunity for you to pass your passion for pedaling on to kids!

In support of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move Initiative, IMBA has pledged to get 30,000 children participating in 300 cycling events on Oct. 1. Last year, 20,000 rode in 200 events. We could use your help in reaching this goal. Broadcast Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day to your networks, host a ride, or sponsor the IMBA outreach program.

Registration and additional information available Summer 2011.

Assistance and nationwide events are conducted by IMBA clubs and chapters, retailers, volunteer groups and numerous Trips for Kids chapters. Corporate sponsors are welcome to join in support of this nation-wide effort.

There are many ways to participate. Events range from a few kids in a neighborhood to larger festival style events in a community park, open space or trailhead. Develop a grass roots event in your community, support the national outreach, contribute to event "care packages", or join an existing event. Email Terry Breheny for more information on how you can get involved.

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That's a good idea... we should organise something for this maybe at Knapsack.

How many people out there have their own kids who ride mtb? My kids do and love it, should expose it to more.

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Sounds good. Maybe we could contact the schools again. I know St. Finbar's had a MTB ride recently.

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I had a convo with Vickii a while ago where she asked if some BMORCers could take some kids around the 'mundee, or somewhere in the lower Blueys. Might fit in well.

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The only obstacle I could think of was insurance, but I'll contact IMBA AU and see what we can do there.

Aside from this I reckon knapsack XC would be ideal, maybe removing the fire road descent and the rock shelf scramble.

Although would mundee be better (lower difficulty) ... I haven't ridden there in years so not sure.

can somebody list the schools that came to the BMORC Knapsack BBQ ... and the relevant contacts. I'll get on them after I confirm insurance.

BTW, I recall being introduced to a rider that was a legal eagle or married to one (if you know who I'm talking about, or if it fits your job description, could you PM me ... apologies for being vague ... memory loss is bad).

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I've just kicked some emails off to a number of possible insurance surrogates or donors if you will. Not sure, if I have left this too late, but worth asking around.

More news as it comes to hand

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The IMBA toolkit on this explains the event idea more in depth for those interested.

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Apologies for the delayed update.

Meetings went well and I actually learnt stuff Smiling

As a concept both NPWS Richmond and The Lawson Neighbourhood centre [1] like the idea. The bit I learnt was that the neighbourhood centres are State Govt funded, where I had thought they were local council.

All this means is that I need to seek approval for access from BMCC if we have it at Knapsack Reserve.

There is quite a bit of stuff to follow re Neighbourhood centre, but I now have the relevant policy / information requirements to allow staff to table a recommendation to Management and hopefully seek approval (17Aug11 is the meeting)

For NPWS, there are a number of ways to do the event, eg, wit WSMTB, as an NPWS event etc etc. This all relates to insurance cover. For me, it doesn't have to be IMBA or BMORC, it can be whatever branding ... hosted by BMORC volunteers ... anyway just a box to tick as I see it.

Michael has put up his hand to give me a hand to organise ... however, might be a good idea to indicate whether
i) your interested in participating either by bringing your kids and or showing a group around (ie, help with supervision along with Parents and other vollies).
ii) Whether you want to volunteer to help ... eg, BBQ, organisation, Track prep, etc etc.

Please PM or Post here.


[1] Lawson was just the contact that we had as we have previously provided input into a project around sustainable transport in the community (Getting Around In the Community = GAIC) ... will prolly hand over t Glenbrook at some point ... but maybe not.

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I'll be there to help, either show around or may be there with kids, but may be their with the full family so not sure yet.. either way I will be there available to do something and prattle on.

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I can be there to do whatever, (dogsbody) just depending on shift timing. There would have to be clearances for all for child protection issues as well??? Just a thought.

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Michael is looking into this for me.

Would be good if Adam could come along too.

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I'm not on shift so put me down for whatever.

By Adam do you mean Fernyhough?

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Yep ... would be good to cross promote with the Police, Fireys, Ambos

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Things are progressing well

We have chased two options

Plan A) Knapsack with sponsorship by the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre (and the GAIC project - Getting Around In the Community), and BMORC organisation and Vollies.
- Risk assessment and Insurance Questionnaire have been completed and lodged.
- Wordy concept paper is with management to be tabled to the approving management committee
- 17 Aug 11 is the committee meeting.
- Request for use of knapsack is rolling, but subject to approval (re insurance cover and realistically also our knapsack reserve draft mtb plan)

Overall, looks positive, but if BMCC do not approve use of Knapsack ... then Plan B

Plan B) Yellowmundee Regional Park Kids XC track
- Have spoken to area Management and they are cool to support
- Vickii is a legend and has secured approval from head office for insurance cover using us as Vollies and organisation.
- Lots of finer details obviously, but the main hurdles are overcome.
- No conflicts with WSMTB events on site or anything else so cool.
- Plan B kicks in if MMNC drop out or if BMCC does something unexpected.

To Do
- Michael is organising the Childs check thingy
- Need to do a registration and parental/guardian consent thingy
- Organise Ambo cover (any of you Ambo's or St John's qualified)
- Promote the event
- Get participant numbers
- Finalise Vollie numbers
- Mark and prep the track
- Organise sangas and stuff
- Let kids run rampant (in a safe and supervised manner of course) Smiling

So all good ...

Start getting your kids into training ... we've been riding almost everyday at home and both 6 & 4yos are bloody getting awesome with very good decision making abilities too (all from their mom Smiling)

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All volunteers must complete a "Working with children check" form.

More information here.

We will have paper copies of the form on the day too.

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Looking like Knapsack with MMNC auspice for the event.

Just need to finalise risk assessment, and confirm insurance cover ... which then leads to the BMCC application which has received positive feedback from relevant Staff responsible.

Once the venue and MMNC support is confirmed, I'll finalise Volunteers so we can complete the above kids check.

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Doing some awesome work there Al!

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Sorry for the lack of update ... have been flat out with work.

Bad news
MMNC were unable to get insurance passed ... which is a little weird given they are about to embark on a bunch of riding events ... So the event is postponed until a latter date.

We have a couple of options
i) get our own insurance ... but this will take incorporation ... which I can't tackle at the moment.
ii) Become an IMBA club ... which takes incorporation ... see above
iii) see if we can get another sponsor
- looking into this
- NPWS have confirmed their continued interest and support (Spoke to Paul Glass today at the Mundee event and all is go) ... however, we'd really like the event to be in knapsack give our hard work there and it being a prime location and close to a lot of BMORC'ers.

disappointing, but all a matter of time so no big deal.

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That is shame, especially after all your efforts Al.

I guess if the vote goes well in October and we maybe become an IMBA club and then we will be in a better position to take this on. It can be done then anytime that is appropriate.

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