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Yellomundee Aboriginal Bushcare Workshop

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 18 August 2011


For those that attended the IMBA soil erosion workshop last year, We briefly discussed with Rangers a workshop about plant id and local aboriginal cultural heritage.

Well here is the workshop that the rangers and local bushcare group have been working on.

Have a look at the attached flyer and RSVP before the 14th SEP 11.

A good opportunity to understand the plants and ecology that should and should not be on site, and better understand the cultural significance of the lands that we visit.

For me, one of the key benefits that Land Managers have in working with Off Road cyclists is in the potential for shared educational opportunities. So I'll be going, and might be bringing the kids (I'll confirm shortly if the event is open to all ages).

Might scope out the kids track too Smiling

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Hi Tim and Others,

We have organised Jacob Philpott who teaches Conservation and Land Management at Richmond TAFE to come out and show people how to identify plants, tell the natives from the weeds when they are similar. Jacob will also talk about why different plants grow in different areas (both native and weed) and demonstrate poisoning techniques for different weeds.

For the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage component we have an archaeologist talking about sites identification and showing us what to look for on the ground. We also have Chris Tobin a Darug Traditional Custodian of that country. Chris will give insights into Yellomundee Regional Park’s significance to Aboriginal people.

All held on site at Yellomundee so I am hoping to make it as practical as possible. The format for the actual Workshop will be finalised when we have an idea of numbers.

Hope this helps


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This looks really good... I will have to make sure I get along to this.

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I have RSVP'd

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Make sure you get in and RSVP guys. This is next Sunday. I'm just starting to work weekends so I miss out. Unforunate, as this seems like too good an opportunity to pass up, and I'd like to brush up on my plant and weed stuff. Info like this would come in very handy for trail building, especially down at Knapsack.

The only downside is that when you start learning what weeds look like, you'll notice that they are EVERYWHERE!

And don't forget- FREE FOOD!

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we've booked and the nerfkins are hankering

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Yep rsvped for myself and 2 today.

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Be good to see some of the expected conservation groups attending with the hope of forming some bonds and learn from their experience.

Last day to RSVP


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We had a great day out there today and will make an effort to attend the Aboriginal bushcares days.

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I wanted to do the plant id thing again ... and maybe cover some rehab techniques, but maybe next time ... the aboriginal cultural section was interesting as well.

For those interested in tackling some lantana clearance ... we are thinking of doing something next month down there ... so be good to get a large number of beefy blokes to come along and try and make a real dent in the infestation down there.

Cheers for coming out today fellas

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