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Nice hit out

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By Flynny - Posted on 23 August 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Re: This ride meeting: 
Tuesday Night Social Ride: 23rd August

Lovely night for ride.

the stars were out in force as Richard, Meggsie, Charlie and myself headed off around the first half of the Rydal loop. At the far end we headed leftonthe fire trail and took int he new stuff out through the diggings and then followed the railway line out to the highway.

After bit of dicking around trying to avoid the highway itself we gave up and ventured up the tarmac and across Pikes lane back to the western road and then ground our way up to Mt Lambie to Clints place.

Meggs hadn't done much riding lately and this hurt. Especially the last bit up Clints drive way.

At Clints we were joined by Brad ad Dan and proceeded out on a loop of the short techi little loop.
This is on private property and only open for club rides and Clint and the boys have done a great job constructing and maintaining a tuff little trail. It's kinda every thing Rydal isn't.

Its got hills but you can't just sit down and pedal, you have to pick your lines and event he down bits take and bit of riding.

Big kangaroos and little possums greeted us as we rode across the top of the world.

Brad and Charlie bailed at the half way opt out point and the rest of us continued on to check out the bottom end of the course. A bit boggy in places but not too bad. a week of dry weather should have it ready by the weekends race.

Back at the house we droped off Brd and Dan and regained Charlie and Meggs and the ride down the western road was much quicker than the ride up. Back out to the highway and along the rail road and we we back at the track to finish off the run from the diggs back to the car park.

A bloody good hit out on a very pleasant night

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geez what a great ride! wish i was there.. Smiling

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It was a good ride Paul, didn't have much legs left by the end. I should do it more often...

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