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Fathers Day Podium !!

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By Dicko - Posted on 06 September 2011

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Back Yamma Bigfoot 2011
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Well what can I say - great weather, family and friends, great event !!

Packed up on Friday morning - car was packed to the roof, 3 kids 7,5,1.5 in the back, 3 bikes (mine and two kids bikes) and off we went - hoping to make Back Yamma State Forest by around 3:30 - setup camp have a beer .....

Made it to Lithgow, and stopped for some lunch. Doing the routine check of the bikes, I noticed my front tire was fully deflated. On closer inspection I noticed a tear in the side wall, and assumed I must have done this on my last ride up in the mountains. Called into Insane Cycles, and Flynny (I think) quickly had a new Crossmark on the front and we were ready to go again - Thanks Flynny !!

After travelling 5 1/2 hours with three kids (those that have them will not what I am talking about) we made it - but now it was around 4:30. Quick camp setup before dark and we were set. Friday night camping was great, only one other family from Terry Hills, and skies were clear. Big camp fire, kids in bed - relax .....

Woke up next morning brekky, checked the bikes - oh no - new front tyre has another tear in the side wall. Not off to a good start. After some investigation I worked out that the sidewall was rubbing on the bike rack causing the tears in 2 tyres now. I wish I worked that out yesterday. Into Parkes to see if I could get yet another tyre. After a morning of running around bike was all sorted again, and kept well away from the dreaded bike rack.

By this time, the camp site and event centre was pumping. Craig (aka Craked), Jim and Craig's family and Steve (Cromerboy) had arrived and had already done a reccy of the back half of the course. I went out for a quick ride on the front half of the course with Craig. Great course, great mix of single track, bit of fire road to break it up - course was FAST. Think we were averaging around 26 kmh for the first 15 k's or so on a reccy ride. Got back and took my kids on a ride around some of the trails. They loved the place - never see them so excited to be on the bikes. The area was a great safe and friendly environment for them to roam and explore.

That night, early dinner, raging camp fire, 3 or 4 beers and great vibe in the camp site. Lots of other like minded people doing the same.

Next morning - race day. Woke up with normal race day nerves, probably worse as I had entered in the 50K and didn't start to 9am. Conditions were the same as the Saturday, except for a gust 20 - 30 kmh wind.

Race started fast as expected and I jumped into the single track about 20 riders back, following Craig and Steve. Bit of a procession for the first couple of K's until the first fire road stretch slightly uphill and into the wind. This seemed to slow everyone down so I though what the heck, head down and try to get an advantage - lets face it on a fast course there's not many options to make a break. Anyway this seemed to work, and I moved up the pack a little, until we hit some single track again.

Stuck with this group of riders until about the 20k mark, where we hit the one and only hill you would call a climb of the course. Pushed here and managed to make a small break on the group I was with before hitting the back half of the course. I think this was a mistake, as I hadn't ridden the back half before and didn't realise it was more exposed to the wind then the first half. I found myself working alone into the wind and using lots of energy. Finally the group of riders behind me caught up, and I stuck with them to regain some energy have some food and drink before seeing what was ahead.

On the next uphill section (i don't want to call it a climb) 3 of us made a break, and stuck together for the remainder of the race. We hit a bit of traffic and were jostling a little for position, but given the last few k's was tight single track it was hard to overtake and change positions. 2 of us broke away in the last km and crossed the line together. Craig not far behind, coming over the line soon after.

Thought I had gone pretty well, and was happy with the time for a little over 50km but had no idea where were positioned in the rest of the field. Then Craig comes over and says I think we have taken 2nd and 3rd in the Male Masters. Sure enough checking the results 2nd and 3rd we were - 10th overall. Who came first ? The bloody guy I crossed the line with. If only I had known maybe the last couple of kms would have been a little different Smiling

Great weekend had by all. I was chuffed to have my family there for my first podium. Kids were proud of there dad.

Great event, great course that has enough for all standards to give racing a try. Back next year ? Sure thing !!!!

Well done to all the Nobmobers out there as well - lots of friendly faces.


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Congrats on the podium. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Now from a dusty flat 50 to the other extreme of this weekend Eye-wink

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good write up D ,you took off like a Whippet on the fireroad after that bunch and once you caught them I knew that would be the last I would see of you ,well done mate.

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Great read, great time and great finish. Top stuff!

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Good to meet you camping on the Friday night and well done on your result.

Great event, I'll be back next year for sure!

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Hey Dicko, just saw your writeup - awesome! Great ride.

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