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Thanks to all those that helped a fallen comrade at the Oaks today

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By flubberghusted - Posted on 11 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just a shout out to all those that helped out our mate, Tristan today at the Oaks.

Rob S and a few others helped out with first aid and equipment after Tristan fishtailed out and faceplanted into the rut at the sharp left juncture about 3 clicks from the Woodford entry.
He was out cold, copped a broken cheekbone and concussed and was airlifted out.

Again just a huge show of thanks for the mtb comraderie and Tristan is doing well and sends his thanks for those that helped!

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Good to know people are there when you need them.

Good luck with the recovery Tristan!

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Completely agree with Shano. Good on everyone that helped out. Ambo staff included.
Good luck with the recovery.

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Woah, that must have been a big hit. Speedy recovery mate and well done to all who helped.

Now who knows first aid so that if they're ever in a situation like this they can potentially save someone's life?

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Speedy recovery Tristan.

First aid is something more of us need to learn JP, me included.

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First of all, I hope tristan is ok and is back on the bike soon.

Second, yes do a first aid course and carry a first aid kit. I always have mine on mountain bike rides.

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Just out of interest, buck, what do you carry in your first aid kit?

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I carry a St Johns kit similar to the below. It's not small but it just fits in the outside of my Camelbak MULE.
I also added a few non stick pads to put on cuts before wrapping with bandages.
This kit has come in handy a few times. Most notably when Rob decided to cut his forearm open on Shepard's Gully.

First aid training was done with the Army.

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Sucks to hear about an accident.
Good stuff by the fellas.

I carry a small St Johns First aid kit I picked up on special from target for $10. Ive added alcahol wipes and an instant cold pack.

Im most curious to know how you contacted the emergencies. Was there mobile reception? Did someone make the ride out for the phone call. or was it done an other way?

Hope Tristan gets well soon.

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Hope he's OK, cheek bone would be super painful. Was that young Tristian from Barker? Doesn't look like his bike the background.

I did the senior first aid cert and a couple of refreshers. I carry a compression bandage with elastic clips, some sterile swabs, some wide Elastoplast band-aids, and a charged mobile. It's a basic snake and abrasion/cut kit. Adding a space/shock blanket would be handy. I should also carry the CPR breaths card thingy as it's hard to remember.

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It happened on that notorious left corner about 3 clicks in, where you're likely to be clocking about 30-40kph.
It's apparently a pretty common place where ambo's come out frequently.
Why they dont signpost it is beyond me??

He fishtailed out and the full brunt of his face went into the rut and possibly a rock.
Got pretty scary when he was frothing from the mouth and when he came to, he continually had fish memory so we had to repeat where he was about 20 times. He still doesnt remember the actual incident.
Helo couldnt land anywhere and was about to winch him but the 4WD's drove him out to the Woodford to take him out to Westmead.

Passing by riders gave us the foil blanket to make sure he didnt get cold too quickly.
Alcoholic swabs, bandages and the blanket looks to be something we'll be stocking up in future.

Tristan rides out of Pennant Hills and rides a black GT.
He's doing well in hospital but has broken cheekbone and 3 cracks in his head.

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took my partner on her first andersons/oaks trip yesterday, she did well and i think the climb out of bedford is now called the "ahh shite" climb as that was the response on every switchback and she saw the next bit...

we didnt see the accident etc were probably after it, however hope he heals quickly and well....

yes a reminder that we should have been carrying our first aid never know when need it...

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I carry 2 compression bandages, a space/ foil blanket, a few pairs of nitrile gloves, a mouth to mouth shield thing, saline, alcohol wipes and some band aids. Takes up hardly any room.

The good thing about the Oaks on the weekend is that there are 15,987,398 people riding it so there is a very good chance someone will be there to help, but you shouldn't count on it.

Even if you don't do a first aid course, look up on the net some up to date first aid info that can help you treat injuries you may encounter on a mtb ride. Things like how to do CPR, deal with snake bite, cuts, broken bones, unconscious casualties, and possible neck and spinal injuries.

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If im not mistaken tristian is the same age as me and is almost doing his hsc exams soon?

Its difficult enough balancing school work and riding without worrying about this,

Best wishes and hope for a speedy and pain free recovery....


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Sounds like that sharp 90deg left at the bottom of the steep descent. Fortunately I had herzog to chaperone me and the youngster when we went, so we didn't get caught out, but the braking bumps were fierce... was glad for my 130mm of travel.

Looks like a long drop if you go over the edge on the outside, too... we were regaled with a tale of a near miss by herzog's riding buddy Shocked

Glad to hear he's coming good. I suppose telling him "You're cracked!" after doing something amusing will now take on a new meaning. Eye-wink

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Get well soon Tristan.

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Damn.. Feel well mate! You still owe me a ride here in Hornsby! I've been working hard on my fitness to be able to keep up!

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I think they are two different Tristians? Tristian W.... had a white anthem about a year ago.

Either way, get well soon!

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Hang on and be well!

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BL mate me and a few friends rode that 2 weeks ago.. me on a Repco special...I feel very lucky having rode it with that bike.. lots of washed out bits to be careful of.

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No, that wasn't me, even though everyone thought it was, hoping he's long better from now, I appreciate the well wishes for my recovery (what recovery?) anyway, and yes Noel, I still am on my Anthem X3!

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I've just seen the date of the original post - Umm. My bad.

Aplologies for any alarm caused.

Especially to Tristan's Mum. Sorry Mum!!Smiling

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