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Yellowmundee Bushcare Sunday 16Oct11

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 14 October 2011

Sorry for the short notice.

There is a bushcare working bee this Sunday at mundee

10am @ the lower car park.

Sorry, Wes kindly gave me the details last night.

We are both going (Wes & I), and I'm bringing the family as usual ... we like the spread that the Rangers provide us Smiling

I forgot to mention that at the Plant ID and Aboriginal Cultural day ... we were talking about getting stuck into the Lantana down near the water ... let me know if your interested and when

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I reckon hitting the lantana mid week would be the go. Minimal traffic and there are enough shift workers to have a hit out.

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Al, do we have to register or just front up?

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At this stage just rock up trim. Usually you should try and RSVP during the week to the Richmond NPWS office on 45882400, for catering purposes.

Say hi to Vickii and Danny for me tomorrow.

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Um lantana makes a differance to see your days effort.Good to meet you Peter.

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Good to meet you to Wes. I wore my BMORC t-shirt to represent us. Nice t, but a long sleeve would've been better for working amongst the lantana in the sun. My next one will be a long sleeve!

Even cotton long sleeve shirt with a BMORC insignia will be worthwhile - good to display while doing this kind of community work!

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I was riding the track on the day.

Saw Wes at the tent as i rode past down below on my first lap.

On the second lap i saw the BMORC shirt on an unfimaliar face and gave a hello.

Good work guys, i will be there for the big lantana tackle.

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