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BMORC Members Working with NPWS on Oaks Single Track Maintenance

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By moggio - Posted on 11 November 2011

Last Sunday several BMORCers received some instructional training working on some of the drainage issues on the Oaks single track with the NPWS.

David Croft who is involved with the NPWS RNP trail maintenance came up and gave us his time to show his expertise in the area. A few areas were fixed with plans to take crews out in the future to tackle more sections. Some may well remember David's posts on Farkin when he was employed in Canada on some serious trail work.

With World Trail coming to assess the Oaks single track and do some major improvements we hope to be able to slot in and fix all the unglamorous menial jobs in the upcoming months. As the trail has been largely left to itself for over a decade there are many sections that need some simple drainage fixes so as to improve its condition.

Either way it was a great day and thanks to David and Tina from NPWS for this opportunity.

More pics here in the gallery

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It's so good to see riders and National Parks working together on maintaining a trail in the Blue Mountains. Let's hope we can keep going with this good relationship.

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Well done BMORCians.

We are pretty lucky to have such a good relationship with the NPWS up here. Tina is awesome value at Glenbrook, and so is Glassy down at the 'mundee.

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The momentum is gathering, great to see BMORC crew out there keeping it real, these active days are sensational, i am pretty excited to know that all your good work is paying dividends well done!

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This will be good thing and its great to have it accepted that we want to imrpove things and then being allowed to do it. Its very satisfying then seeing the results.

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