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BMORC Cleans Up Australia

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By Username2 - Posted on 14 February 2012

I noticed that clean up Australia day is on March 4th this year ive also noticed that BMORC cleaned up knapsack park last year and was wondering if anyone would be willing to do it this year too? I think i would make for some good Mountain biking related local publicity too if handled correctly!

So right now this forum topic is a guage of intrest with a view to an event.

Who's keen???

Cheers, Rory.

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Pick a location and book it in Rory, I'm sure some of us will lend a hand.

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not doing it as the locals just dump they shit there after we sent the day cleaning it up.

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Hadn't noticed anything dump at Knapsack.

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Go and check the car park with the dumped grass cuttings yes I know its only grass but.

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I guess the mongrels who keep dumping stuff are what keep "Clean Up Australia Day" going year after year. Unfortunately it doesn't help teach the dumpers not to dump.

At my local tramping ground we have done around six clean-ups spaced every 8 months or so, busted a few dumpers too and its slowed down, but people keep dumping. One advantage at least is they now dump in the one spot which makes it a little easier to clean up.

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Hi Rory, let's hit Knapsack again, we can Follow up on the good work we did last year, so register it in and then put up a post on BMORC we will have a BBQ after I will bring the stuff lets make the start at 8 am, if you're super keen we can make flyer and put in residents letter boxes so they can come and join us if they want.
Once you make the registration you can paste the link in your post for BMORC

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