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Oaks Trail Host Volunteer needed - Easter Monday

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By Nerf Herder - Posted on 20 February 2012

As part of our developing relationship with NPWS in and around the Mountains, BMORC have been invited to participate in a new Volunteer trail hosting program.

Similar to some of the bushwalking trail hosts that you might have seen else where, 2 volunteers will be placed at the Woodford trail head to meet and greet, answer any questions and share relevant news.

For Example, Trail conditions, weather forecast, ranger contact details, trail basics, NPWS info, BMORC info, just to name a few topics that could be covered.

We have 3 volunteers and need one more to make sure we have a pair working together and keeping each other company for a 4hours stint (10am to 2pm). We envisage 1 pair to work either the Monday or Sunday of the Easter Long Weekend.

There will be a training day held by NPWS (date and time to be confirmed). Initially the training day was for Monday 12th March, however, mid week didn't work for the majority of volunteers.

Anyway, Chuck, Mog and myself will be attending, and will likely ride the trail back down to finish our shift.

Please post or PM if you are interested as I need to confirm back to Ranger Tim Smiling ASAP.


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I could possibly help out with this one as im interested in becming more active in the local cycling community. keep us posted.

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Slight changes

We had a drop out and a change of date ... so now we need somebody for Easter Saturday.

If anybody is interested please let me know via PM.


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