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By Muninjitsu - Posted on 12 March 2012

Hi guys, would anyone have a pair of rear panniers they would be willing to lend for a weekend? I'm planning an overnight ride soon. I have the rack, so just need the bags.

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I only have a topeak bag with the fold out panniers. Great for commuting but maybe not so good for touring.

I do have a big dry sack that I cram full of shit and occy strap to my rear rack, and a Revelate Sling which attaches to the handlebars and carries a 2 person tent easily. You're welcome to have a look and borrow what you want.

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I have a pair of Cordura rear panniers that you can borrow. I use one for commuting during the week, but you're welcome to borrow them if you give me some notice.

I'm in Blackheath, but I drive to and from the city once a week, so I could drop them off somewhere on the way.

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Thanks guys I will chat closer to the time.

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