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Fellow Mountains Man Lincoln Hall passes away

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By BM Epic - Posted on 22 March 2012

The news has filtered through of the death of Lincoln Hall from mesothelioma, he was a very recognisable member of the mountaineering community, famous for his miraculous escape from the clutches of chomolungma(mt everest), while descending from his dream summit in 2006 Lincoln was overcome with exhaustion and cerebal edema, sherpas tried for hours to drag him down, managing to get him below the 2nd step, it was here at 28000 ft that Lincoln spent a night in the open.
It is said that his love for his family, his buddhist beleifs and his vast mountain experience what kept him alive, remembering that in 1984 he was part of the first Australian team to summit everest, Lincoln got to 28000 ft again but this time was turned back by frostbite and the oncoming nightfall.
Although Everest tried several times to claim him for her own, he was too strong, too wily, and had a deep love for his family, which kept him with us!
I know the blue mountains community will be mourning his loss, especially the township of Wentworth Falls, but from us all at bmorc and fellow mountain folk, this is a tragic loss, and he was taken from us far too young!

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Nicely said Todd, yeah this is a very sad loss, he was a real local legend.

I remember when he was reported dead 6 years ago and it was tragic and then alive the next day it was amazing. Then after all he has been through with his head in the lions mouth for all these years turns out he had a silent killer lurking in his body from asbestos.

Have to read his books again, he has left a nice legacy that way.

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Read dead lucky, and the real great one White limbo, the story of 1984 with the epic north face ascent, with Tim mccartney-snape, andy henderson etc, that was a very brave ascent, one of big legend, 2006 was an unbeleivable thing, head in the lions mouth, or in robert oppenheimer/ richard feynman parlance, tickling the dragons tail, more than once!
I feel for his wife Barbara, and sons Dylan and Dorje!

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Yeah have to read Dead Lucky.

Haven't read White Limbo for many years now.. I have a spiffy signed copy of that one.

One of the first things one thinks of is the family... at least the sons had a few more years with their father. That time is precious.

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I can lend it to you if u want mate, it is a good read!

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I might do that, though I feel compelled that I should just buy a copy.

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