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W2G Classic Entry Problems

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By stracho - Posted on 02 April 2012

For the benefit of those trying to enter....Woodford to Glenbrook Classics entries were s'posed to open at 8am tis morning but web page has failed to show the required link. I've just spoken to Careflight and they've been told there are problems with the third party providor doing the entry system. They've informed me they hope to have it all up and running by tomorrow morning.


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Also, date clashes with the Kowen round of the choco foot Sram singletrack mind series.
As much as I loved the W2G last year I think the 8hr might win.

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Any you guys i know from bmorc, if u are having trouble with entries, let me know and i will get it fixed for you, are bmorc putting up a team of riders?, if not anybody want to be official careflight team?

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I didn't realise it was supposed to open today, thanks for the post.

Ian are you camping down there for the 7hr? bbrrr cold.

I don't mind going in as a member of team BMORC or otherwise if anyone else wants to do it and contribute, I would like to try fundraise a bit this year.

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Team is a top idea - we should ride the bashers again! (Stephen has to have solid rubber tyres fitted though)

On the point of fund raising, interesting to look at the top finishers over the last couple of years and see how few actually raise any money through their W2G fund raising page. Of course they may donate in other ways that are not so obvious so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt Eye-wink

PS What's going on with the time on this post. System time is correct i.e. UTC +10 so should be okay.

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BMORC Bashers!! I'm in for anything and yes we should do a bit more this year to fund raise.

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I'm in! A BMORC team sounds like an awesome idea Todd! I'll have a go at the site and see if I can register, otherwise I'll get in contact with you.

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Last year Grant and I raised $485 as Team Grim. We were the 4th highest team in fundraising.
I will definitely be in with the BMORC BASHERS this year. I expect the BMORC BASHERS to be leading the fundraising table! Smiling

I can't find the 2012 registry page, got a link?

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Okay - Tim - are you going to register BMORC Bashers?

The link is here

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