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Lost on Oakes . . .

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By Stu243 - Posted on 02 April 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all, I had a great ride on Saturday taking some newer riders on the Oakes - all had a blast. (A few nervous moments on the steeper/rougher down sections)
At some point on the single track - probably in the last couple of km I lost my camera - it was in the mesh pocket on the side of my bag and I fear that the brilliant fun I had on the lower section prevented me from noticing its departure. If anyone rode the Oakes late Saturday or early Sunday and found a Lumix camera in a black case please contact me as there are a stack of pics on there from the last couple of months that I would rather like to get back (along with the camera)
Hoping someone can help!


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Didn't see it when I rode though on Sunday morning. Did you ring NPWS at Glenbrook?

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Rang Richmond as Glenbrook only staffed weekends - so not completely lost yet. Richmond staff will talk to Sunday staff either tomorrow or Wed, they reckon a fair amount of stuff gets handed in. They have my contact details. Had a friend walk the last bit today - she didn't see anything. Was worth a shot tho. Thanks for feedback.

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I rode on sunday morning also and didnt see it. I'll be doing the track again this weekend and I'll look harder, hope it turns up...

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Hey there - some excellent person found the camera and handed it in at Glenbrook. Brilliant! This sort of thing makes you feel good about people. Thanks to the nameless rider - I hope Karma is good to you!

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