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BMORC fundraising team in Careflight W2G

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 12 April 2012

Ive created a fundraising team page (Not a Race Team)

You will need to register first. When registering leave the race team blank unless you are joining someones team.

Make sure you are logged into the site after registering then go to the team page.

Team page can be found here

There is an option to join the team.

Just to note, at the moment. I cant Manage or join the team myself. Not sure if there is a bug or the team page needs to be approved first.

When I can I will add an s to mountain in the title and change the team profile picture.

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Still cant join the Team myself

I also still can't Manage the team page or Manage my own Fundraising Page. Keeps Telling me I'm not Authorised. WTF! I've emailed the Help desk. Hopefully this will be solved soon.

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Thanks Tim, at least the team page kinda works I guess. Still plenty of time. Site says you are top individual fundraiser.

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WTF lol, Keep going guys. I might win a prize Laughing out loud

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My account has now been fixed up and the Top Individuals is now Top All Fundraisers.
I have finally been able to make the changes needed for the BMORC fundraising page.

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