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Controversy Anyone?

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By hathill - Posted on 30 May 2012

"National parks in NSW will be opened up to recreational hunters as part of a deal between the Shooters and Fishers Party and the government to ensure passage of its electricity privatisation bill."

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In theory this sounds really bad - but in practice it will only occur in very limited areas, if at all. The individual Parks will probably need their Plan of Management altered, and that will take quite some time as NPWS will delay things. NPWS realise that shooting is an ineffictive method of controlling feral animals. Why? As the game shooters always leave enough feral animals to breed! It is not unheard of for shooters to actually introduce animals into an area for later hunting.

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Bummer, I will have to be careful when I wear my Big Foot outfit while out running in the park. Maybe a fluro vest will help. Smiling

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Judging by the amount of feral pigs that have been spotted around Yarramundi and a few in the quarries at Emu Plains in the last year or two, I'd say this has been happening pretty close to home already!

Good onya Fatty O'Barrell.

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Not wearing fluoro vests, but being released for future hunting I mean!

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Yep, have seen those bloody pigs, i know some blokes from down near the river/bridge that goes across nepean river that goes pig sticking at the mundee, they take bowie knives and hunting dogs in there and get them!
I heard it was going to start off at certain sections of koszciosko national park, barrington tops and another one just up north slightly???

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