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Lower mountains eastern escarpment trails

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By Connor.Mc - Posted on 06 June 2012

I am a year 11 student currently doing a research project for geography. It involves picking an issue in your local area and researching it and providing the results in the form of a 10 minute presentation.

I have chosen to do mine on the Blue Mountains eastern escarpment bike trails as it interests me and i have seen the issue reported numerous times in the local paper.

I was wondering if anyone has any information, links, contacts ect. That would be able to help me with this work.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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What sort of information are you after? Being a geography project I would assume your not so interested in the Politics or history of BMORC but rather existing tracks, new tracks, erosion and control, enviromental Impacts. It would help if you had some specific questions. The more specific the better.

To get you started alot of information can be found in our archives.
Here is a 9 short movies in a youtube playlist that sums up trail building and how to help achieve best practice for erosion control.

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