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By gekness - Posted on 17 June 2012

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hey guys and girls im looking for a great/good downhill track i live in the campbelltown area but am willing to travel. im thinking the blue mountains sounds good so could anyone help

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There is a Downhill track at Knapsack Reserve Glenbrook, but it isnt good. Council and BMORC are preparing to reroute it into a great track. Keep an eye on the calander as our first dig day for the Downhill will be coming up soon. As far as the rest of the Blue Mountains go you need to look out towards Lithgow. Ive seen several riders take there downhill bikes to Mount York to ride the technical XC but expect alot of pedaling.

I guess your other options are Ourimbah? Awaba? Racing with WSMTB on the Private property tracks. Only open on race days.

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Forget Mt York if you want DH (Coxes road is Ok but long shuttles and much better options in that area)

Your standard options for DH are
Ourimbah on the Central Coast
Awaba near Newcastle
Lithgow near Blue Mts, which has several options

There is some semi secret, not quite legal trails around the gong but for those you'll need to hook up with some locals and do some pleading/digging.

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I ride the downhill track at knapsack, pretty much a rock garden the whole way down with a tight section at the top, whens work starting on it? seems as though work has started on the xc tracks...

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Looks to be alternating monthly work dates between XC and DH at best. We are hoping to start work on the Top section of the Down Hill in July.

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If we get more people volunteering for trail work, then we might be able to split off into groups and work on both trails or multiple sections of trail

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