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By Lach - Posted on 24 June 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Cold start. Pretty good crowd. A big gap between the start times for the 40-49 group and the 50-59 group, so a clear road ahead. Lost time on the leaders on the first hill at the station because they ride like maniacs... The view at the start of the fire trail down onto the plains right though to the CBD was the clearest I can recall for years. I nearly stopped to take it in. Nearly...

Really enjoyed the ride. Hadn't done this race for a few years and managed to break the hour for the first time. Even overtook a few folks on the uphill bits - what's going on?? Got passed by the Fat Hippy (fellow Springwood High alumni) on just about every downhill - I put it down to more recent local knowledge, longer travel suspension and superior riding skills. Managed to claw back time on some of the ascents and on the flatter sections - which I put down to better fitness and a burning desire to feature on his rear-facing video camera Smiling

Got past him again just before the helipad and managed to hold him off until the finish. Some other guy sat on my ass most of the way down Bennett's Ridge only to jump out just before the final turns. I couldn't remember how they went, so was a bit tentative and he got away by a few metres. Cost me a place.... Smiling

As an old Blueys boy, I always enjoy W2G, having first done it as an overnight ride sometime in the 60's and travelled it in everything from 4WD's to a Honda Civic, various mini-bikes and trails bikes and a bevvy of pushies. I might have even walked it once.

Rode back out to Glenbrook (even got all the way up the hill to the ranger station for the first time) and caught the train back up to Woodford. Then lunch with my Mum at Blaxland. Great day all round.

Now I need to get a new bottom bracket installed before the Husky as there's too much play and noise there now. The rear der was also jumping out of the 11 tooth cog a bit on the run down from Redwire, but I don't think that will be too much of an issue at the Husky.....

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Nice report. It was a great morning on the trail.

What part of the trail is Redwire?

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where I was thinking of is the start of the long downhill run to the gate at the Oaks. I think it is probably actually called the helipad? Redwire is further up the trail at the top of one of the steep descents.

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