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Long ride 150-300km+

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By dbaker - Posted on 15 July 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I want to plan a mountain bike trip that is In between 150km - 300k. I like to start in the blue mountains and finish in the states west e.g Bathurst, orange, broken hill. If and one has done something like this in NSW. I have seen this something like this in WA,SA. But not in NSW. ( link below )

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The HuRT might be worth a look.

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I've done from my house in Winmalee-Clarence-Capertee-Turon gates-Sofala-Hill end-Bridle track-Bathurst on the motorbike (enduro dirt bike).
Could easily be done on a touring bike unsupported or on anything if you are supported.
We stayed at a pub in Bathurst, locked the bikes in the bottlo when they closed and rode back the next day.
The hardest part I'd think doing it on a bike would be getting out past Lithgow with all the cars.
I'm sure there would be an awesome ride from Katoomba way through Megalong out towards Oberon through Jenolan etc.
Post up your plans as I'm sure others like myself might just be swayed to join if the planets align.......

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or as someone said; the HuRT seems to be a well documented ride, it's on my todo list.

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Plenty out there. If you want to try a few around the 150km mark join up with one of the bump 'n' Grind rides that are held every couple of months. Here's my blog from the last one I organised, not quite the 150km but with the climbing involved we were pretty smashed by the end.
BNG on facebook,

Other than that as mentioned there is the HuRT and the big HuRT. These are organised by the same people as BNG.

I'm just about to start mapping out a ride from Muswellbrook to Lithgow based loosely on reversing this,
I will be travelling on main roads as little as possible and following parts of the Bicentennial National Trail and other trails that I know in the area.
I'm sort of over racing at the moment so this sort of ride will be my thing. I get real bored riding around in circles for 4-24hrs and would much rather point to point or bigger loops.

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Maybe you meant Hill End?

I've ridden from Orange to Hill End and back, twice. Once over 2 days travelling light and staying at the pub. Once over 4 days camping on the river 2 nights and staying at the pub.

Most of the route I took is on gravel road. The only real mountain biking is the descent to the river down root hog fire trail to route hog crossing.

The route:
To Hill End:
Orange -> Clifton Grove -> Banjo Patterson Way -> Lower Lewis Ponds Rd -> Gowan Rd -> Freemantle Rd -> Root Hog Fire Rd -> Cross the river at Root Hog Crossing -> up to Hill End on the Bridle Track.

To Orange:
Hill End -> Follow Mudgee Road -> Turn onto road to long point (ullamalla Rd I think) -> Long Point -> Long point Rd then roads to home. There are options to do MTBing in Mullion Range on the way back.

Other than that I would consider including Glen Davis/Wolgan Valley/Glow worm tunnel/BlackFellow's hand trail area. Then maybe west from Capertee near the Turon River, though I haven't done this.

Or there's Southern highlands -> Wombeyan caves -> Dingo Dell -> Kanangra -> Jenolan. But that's a bit away from where you were asking.

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If you wanted a mix of firetrail and back-country blacktop, one possible adventure would be Blackheath to Blackheath via the Newnes plateau and the Six Foot Track. Never combined them, and no idea of the distance or time it would take, but just throwing it out there.

Blackheath, Mt Vic, Bell, Clarence, Old Bell's Line of Rd, Glowworm Tunnel Rd, Beecroft Track, Blackfellows Hand Track, Wolgan Rd, Lidsdale, Rydal, Tarana, Oberon, Edith Rd, Kanangra Rd, Six Foot Track, Megalong, Blackheath.

If you wanted to make it longer, you could circle around Oberon by heading further west. There's dozens of little towns and backroads.

The worst part would probably be the Darling Causeway between Mt Vic and Bell. But you could always jump on the train and start at Bell.

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"Or there's Southern highlands -> Wombeyan caves -> Dingo Dell -> Kanangra -> Jenolan. But that's a bit away from where you were asking"

...this sounds really interesting. Is the route just dirt roads? How far is it?

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Check ot this guy's blog. A mate and I have a ride planned for out that way in the next 6 weeks (weather and family commitments permitting). It should be good... and freezing.

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"Or there's Southern highlands -> Wombeyan caves -> Dingo Dell -> Kanangra -> Jenolan. But that's a bit away from where you were asking"
"...this sounds really interesting. Is the route just dirt roads? How far is it?"

I haven't actually ridden all of it, there's some bits I'd need to research more but had always thought it'd be a good ride. I have driven the Wombeyan caves Rd (you'd have to be a bit careful of traffic). And driven to Dingo Dell from North and South. It'd be best if there was a way of going from Wombeyan caves to Mt Werong without having to got to Taralga Rd.... though I'm not sure if it's possible. I remember reading accounts of people doing similar trips so you should be able to find more info somewhere.

Certainly most of it would be on gravel/fire trail.

As for distance I'm not sure. I'd have to look at a map.

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