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Knapsack Build Day 11th August

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By moggio - Posted on 20 July 2012

Saturday, 11 August, 2012 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

7 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Lover's Walk Carpark (the top one on Barnett St)


Build day is definately on.

Bring tools.. whatever you have but we will need mattocks!

Largely rehabiltation to make it a winding single track and then constructing features to spice it up with hips and rollers etc so that it is fun, technical as well as improving existing water management features.

For details check this link

Start is at 9am.

We will be providing sausage sizzle lunch again (I am pretty sure anyway!)

Concurrently we will probably shuffle people to help out a bit with the lantana area near the field so that can be cleared for the future as well.

Meeting will be at Lovers Walk carpark as there will be soccer on at the fields.

Who's in?
Nerf Herder, Chuck, ChopStiR, moggio, BM Epic, Kingy, J the B, deadparrot, DigDig, Dagashi, 0psi, Username2, Bop (13 riders)
Nerf Herder Chuck ChopStiR moggio BM Epic Kingy J the B deadparrot DigDig Dagashi 0psi Username2 Bop
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BM Epic's picture

should be a good day!

Chuck's picture

Sounds great!!

deadparrot's picture

Can't wait to finally be starting on some DH work, bring it on!

Maybe bringing two others to help build.

Nerf Herder's picture

Have we advertised this off forum ?

Dagashi's picture

Where would you suggest Nerf?

Vinno's picture

Unfortunately no again I am away from the weekend of the 10th of August and every weekend until mid September. Will think of you all whilst drinking wine and eating at Silo's winery.

Ian_A's picture

Same day as the WSMTB/RockyTrail Dargle 12hr which will count a few of us out I think.......

DigDig's picture

Theres something on every weekend who ever can come will.

Ian_A's picture

Just mentioned it because its actually run by WSMTB and a lot of BMORC's are also WSMTB members.

Chuck's picture

Thanks Ian. It should be okay as that's an XC race. Most of the people turning up to this DH build day should be DH riders. Smiling

BM Epic's picture

Cant see the xc race will affect this too much!

ChopStiR's picture

I was going in a 4 person team but have opt'd out of the race.

Isildur's picture

Sorry guys, no can do as my hand is still broken Sad I can't believe they haven't figured out how to instantly mend bones yet!

0psi's picture

I'll be there on account of being too old and slow to race the 12hr Smiling

hathill's picture

No can do unfortunately - workin' O/T on Saturday.

The Brown Hornet's picture

I'm trying desperately to get out of the only commitment I have during the day on Saturday- a 5 year olds b'day party. So far unsuccessful. I'll keep chipping away. I may have to bring out the big guns!

BM Epic's picture

Get me to speak to Beth and you will be going to every 5yo birthday party in winmalee

Nerf Herder's picture

We should get on the forums and say the trail is closed ... We should have a sign this week at the front gate, advising that the DH will be closed on the day.

Any volunteers to do this ?

Kingy's picture

We wil just deflect them at the top of the DH track junction by way of a sign directing them to the lower section via lovers walk any one that rocks up we will just comandere them for digging duties

Username2's picture

Or we could use a net and capture them as BMORC's own rock splitting chain gang!

trim's picture

Can't make it - got a previously booked snow weekend. See most of you at trailcare 101 the following week!

moggio's picture

Council have the start at 9am so they can get there.

I will be there earlier marking the rehab zones on the fire trail -> single track of the DH.

Council will also be doing some Lanatana clearing till 2pm at the same time near the oval so we might rotate some people during the day to help out there.

Muninjitsu's picture

Will see if I can make.its for a bit....daughter in hospital at the moment.

moggio's picture

Just speaking to council.... one tool we will need quite a few of is mattocks... so if you have a mattock bring it along.

....and Muninjitsu I hope your daughter is ok... having a child in hospital is the worst.

Username2's picture

Im in.

This weeks upgrades to the trail rig will be a post hole shovel and mattock mount on the rack!

Is there any other tools, equipment or supplies you might recomend Mog?

See you all Saturday.

Kingy's picture

Yeah mate bring a Cat 360 with rock breaker attachment, umm bring a Dozer a D4 should be big enough yeah that should get us started lol

ChopStiR's picture

Possible shower

moggio's picture

That's better than the last one which was lots of rain. Be comfortably warm too at 17 degrees.

BM Epic's picture

Got all the shopping done, we will be dining on a choice of bacon and egg rolls, sausage sandwiches, soft drink and coffee and tea!
Mark, i am using the 2 burner bbq set up that i use for 24 hour racing, the set up you would be familiar with!

Muninjitsu's picture

Should be there with my 7 yo daughter, she is keen.

Chuck's picture

Nice one Todd. I've still got some drinks and source here too.

moggio's picture

Awesome, now I am just coming for the munchies!

The Brown Hornet's picture

I can't make it. The oldest is crook so I'll be playing nurse. At least I miss the party!

Nerf Herder's picture

heee heee ... party pooper ... arnie voice

0psi's picture

As I got ready I was kindly reminded that I was supposed to be going to lunch for the mother in laws birthday. Can't get out of that one.

Chuck's picture

Great effort to today! Really good working with Trish, Eric, Keiren and their BMCC team.

Thanks to Todd for keeping us feed.

Here's a few photos I took today.

Looking forward to finishing the job off on the next track day.

Muninjitsu's picture

Great effort guys and gals, look like some good work was achieved. Sorry i couldn't make it this morning, hospital duty called. I'll make a better effort next time. Did the berm before the fire trail get build this afternoon? T parallel riders to trail.

moggio's picture

Great day... bit sore now.

Thanks for everyone's effort and the council people who were also volunteering their time!!

I like Chuck's pics... look forward to some after pictures if anyone took any.

I'm off to bed.

Chuck's picture

Just added the day after photos.

Seems like some has been busy there.

Would be really nice if it rained for a few days now, the track is fairly sandy in places.

BM Epic's picture

Great day out there, dont want to ever see a piece of bacon or an egg again!
Jim, get Flynny to confirm Chad rode up Lawsons Long Alley!

J the B's picture

I think you've got bacon'n'egg fever. I'm not going to believe someone can ride up Lawson's until I see it.

BM Epic's picture

You get Flynny to tell you, chad told us it was the 3rd time he cleared it???

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