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Where to ride in high winds in Blue Mountains

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By Robyn B - Posted on 07 September 2012

Hi, have booked a riding weekend in the mountains but unfortunately there are high winds. Can anyone recommend some sheltered tracks and/or that dont have a high tree-fall risk? We had in mind Yellowmundee, Knapsack or Winmallee - would these be OK to ride? (and Narrowneck on Sunday when less windy). Thanks for your advice, Robyn

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Robyn in high winds you always run the risk of widow makers crossing your path. Knapsack is fairly sheltered from the winds as are most other single tracks. Just be alert to the noises around you when riding and you should be ok.

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... which is pretty difficult in the Blue Mountains.

Depending on the wind direction you could look at either Anderson's or Mount York.

But really, unless the winds are extreme, most of the tracks should be o.k. as long as you are aware of falling branches.

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Winmalee and narrow neck will definitely be out, i would also say knapsack would be about your best bet, mt york and Ando's will be bad, they are both massively prone to tree fall, it will be very bad if its bad here at winmalee, unfortunately you have picked a bad weekend?

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Thanks for all the replies, will try Knapsack. Yellowmundee was sheltered yesterday and great fun.

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Knapsack is very nicely enclosed, but do be careful still.
Yellomundee can be good as well. The mountain can make a good wind block at times.

For Winmalee, I would have thought Shaw's Ridge and Blue Gum Swamp would be ok, just avoid Springwood ridge.

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Blue Gum Swamp is the worst for tree fall in the wind. I've seen more trees down in Blue Gum Swamp than Springwood Ridge.

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Mt York was good Thursday and Friday

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We rode Euroka, Oaks (x2), Ingar and Ando's today and it was all perfect. Only the occasional wind gust.
The tree is still down near the Oaks gate, but you can easily step over it.
I'd happily ride narrow neck tomorrow and not worry about the wind.
Have fun.

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