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Which Weekend Away?

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By ric088 - Posted on 22 October 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey All
recently got back from a quick one night trip to the ACT and the KOWEN Forest, had a great time, they've really done some great work down there. It's hard to beat some nice flowing single track accompanied by a Six Foot Kangaroo bounding along not 5 meters away.
BTW the crest motel offer a good cheap bed, with the queanbeyan hotel across the road for a beer and a schnitzel.
So now im looking for ideas, if you were going to go away for a 1 or 2 night adventure where would you go and stay???

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Hey ric088, sounds like a great time in the ACT! I've only ridden Stromlo and Majura myself, but really keen to get down and check out Kowen. If you're up for travelling about 4.5-5 hours north of Sydney, I can recommend the Port Macquarie area. There are some beautiful areas with really impressive single track. I was up there a few weeks ago and explored the trails at Telegraph Point (10 mins north of Port Macquarie) as well as the extensive trails in the Queens Lake State Forest near Bonny Hills (20 min south of Port Macquarie). The guys from Hastings Valley MTB club have done some brilliant work developing the trails and I gurantee you wont be disappointed Smiling Checck this link for maps and other info about the trails-

We go away in our caravan, so I haven't got any tips on more up market accommodation, but I can recommend the Stony Park Holiday Park at Telegraph Point for camping/caravanning. They also have cabins available that you could check out and the great thing is the park is only a 3km ride from the start of the trails at Telegraph Point and just across the river from the Riverview Tavern which does brilliant food. At Bonny Hills, we've stayed at the Big 4 which has great facilities and is right near the beach. There's always Port Macquarie itself if you're after more accommodation options and all the facilities of a decent sized town. Port also has the very cool Wayne Richards Park which is a purpose built MTB trail very close to the town centre. It makes clever use of a small amount of land to offer you a 5-6km loop that is really fast and a lot of fun. Again, see the Hastings Valley MTB site for info.

Anyway, that's my tip for a great MTB weekend trip to a really nice part of the NSW coast. Enjoy...

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just checked out this video of tele pt looks great , love the idea of the ride from the cabins. will put that on the list for sure , thanks Fat Stacks!

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Awesome riding, and something to suit everybody from a 15km green-rated XC circuit to steep techy climbs to fast bermed descents to light freeride.

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Have to agree with Kiwarrak... spent an awesome days riding there on a road trip. Did Ourimba, Kiwarrak then back at Glenrock.... Kiwarrak was the one with the magic... great set of trails.

Someone didn't tell me a see-saw bridge there was a see-saw so tailgating my mate in front had bad consequences. Sad

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Was up there for easter a few years back and only in the forest for a few hours so saw about 5%, though would go back there in a flash and the locals are very keen to show you their wares if run into them

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Can you go and re-enact the see-saw incident pleeease and pop a video of it up?

Haha would help keep me occupied whilst i wait for my smashed patella to heal Sad

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Love the techy rocky stuff kirrawak looks sweet. Nice berms too. Thanks hawk

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