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Off road HANDCYCLING down under!

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By NeverSayNever - Posted on 14 December 2012

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All!

Has anyone come across anyone using an OFFROAD HANDCYCLE in Perth or Australia in general?

Most of you won't know what an offroad handcycle is or looks like, so check out the picture I have attached. There are different variations but this is the most robust design and price I have found on the market (Poland).

Simply speaking, its a tricycle primarily for those with no, or limited leg function. I broke my back 4 years ago MTB in QLD and will be getting one of these beasts mid 2013 and hitting the tracks again before my 5 year mark.

I know there's at least one of these coming to Australia (manufacturers won't say exactly where) so I wanted to touch base with anyone who has a disability and wants to change the way we ride in AU. Also, want to get some of these larger events thinking about 'adaptive MTB' categories/class so that it holds true when they say thing like "for riders of all levels".

Any leads or tips would be appreciated!


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Very cool, would be tricky on some single tracks with the 2 wheels up front. I can't help you but wish you all the best in achieving your goal!

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... so the story goes Smiling

At the risk of sounding overly optimistic, I've seen these things take on single tracks. Doesn't have the grace of a bike, and would be limited to certain single tracks, but Never say Never Smiling

Also, one of these is on its way to someone in Perth. Would really like to find out who this person is.

Cheers for your well wishes!

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Saw a youtube/vimeo vid once of a guy doing downhill on something like this. Was awesome to watch. Hit up all the jumps

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It is people like you, and the attitude and courage you display, that puts fat slobs like me to shame and I both commend and thank you for it. A stark reminder you are that there are times when I need to take time out from life's factors that keep us so busy and get a little bit more busy enjoying life.

I'm sorry, I have no info for you regarding your specific search but completely agree with your sentiments re event organisers. We have a couple of local amputees that I occasionally see on the trails and have seen at events, inspirations they are. If we can have different categories based on age, sex, testosterone levels, mixed sexes etc etc why shouldn't you be afforded the joy of competing against other athletes that display the same level of determination as you do, and also have the opportunity to be recognised on a podium as a champion of your peers.

Thank you and best of luck to your continued recovery.

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May I add to the above that I have recollections of a local Perth frame builder on these forums that has in the past spruiked his business for custom made frames, from memory using Ti. Maybe this is an option for you and a nice little out of the box challenge for him. Hopefully he will see this post or some other Perth locals will chime in with details of whom I am speaking of. I will try to search for him later on tonight.

Good luck, and again, thank you.

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See his thread

Best wishes in getting out on the trails again.

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I remember who your talking about Kitt. I had enquired in the past about getting a custom frame made. I found the email conversation I had with him, His name is Allan Crisp, his email is

I also have his mobile, work and fax phone number plus business address. I don't know if any of these are current as this was in December 2011.

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I'll keep this custom frame chap in handy for the future. The guys that make the trikes have been doing it for over 5 years so would be best to get one imported and then later on mess around with similar designs.

Im a little concerned that the Polish company has sent me the handcycle without me confirming the order. Will check with them next week but hopefully there's other trikers out there.

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My goal isn't simply to start riding alongside my mates but to push for more opportunities for all enthusiest. intent is not to make people feel bad but rather give them that little spur of motivation they need to do something amazing for themselves!

Keep on keeping on!

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Thanks Guys,

Yes I have a few Ti frames under my belt, and would be very keen on a project like this Smiling
Please keep us in mind.

BTW I will be launching the frame building business officially next year and moving away from the specialist welding business.

I will keep PMBC up to date Smiling


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Limited legs or not that 'beast' looks like a lot of fun!

I remember seeing Handcycles at the Para Games the other month and thought the guys who take on that discipline must be nuts! I think Alex Zinardi the ex F1 driver won the gold? He's achieved greater success handling one of these things than he ever did behind the wheel of the race car.

Good luck getting the frame, hope those Polski Bros sort you out buddy Smiling

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Hi NeverSayNever.

It is here in WA. We are currently assembling an Explorer for our good mate. He had his accident 1 year ago. So far we have only had about 4hrs to assemble it, and it should take a few more till it is ready for its maiden voyage. We will post pics for you.
So far the construction looks impeccable.
I will let our mate Dan know, and get him in touch with you.

Are you in Perth?


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Thanks Ashley!
I think it's the only one in Perth so I'd definatly want Dan to get in touch with me. PM you my email.
I've probably met Dan before through Shenton Park Hospital (my second home).

What needs to be assembled?

Good to see him getting back into it much sooner than me! I was a wreck after my 1st year dealing with all kinds of health problems, so hat off to you guys!

I'm living in the northern burbs of Perth.

Can I ask what it set you back? My quote was around $7800 AUD excluding shipping taxes and clearance.


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So perfect. We were hoping someone else would get one.

Dan is still at Shenton Park, Quad center, but moving to his house very soon. We didnt have the right tools and ran out of time. The front end and rear end, brakes, handle bars need assembling. The hardest part has been connecting the rear axle.
We maybe able to help you with putting it together.
Im not sure exactly the price Dan paid.


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This sends tingles down half my spine Eye-wink

I am heading over to Shents for a checkup this coming Wednesday and would be more than happy to visit him at the Q/center if he's ok with that.

Thanks for your offer to help, I will take you up on the offer to help put it together, once I order my gear. My mates would help me out, but they are all in a different country (QLD) and the handcycling guys here would be just as confused as me!

So you know, I am heavily involved with Wheelchair Sports Assoc. WA, and we have all kinds of additional support and funding which I think Dan would benifit from also. This couldn't come at a better time as I'm running a meeting with some big people on Tuesday. I can't let the cat out just yet, but it's going to be epic!

As for everyone else in the MTB community... clip yourselves in!!


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Hey I am a para - just spoke to the polish guys who run this company and the new models are incredible. Just wanted to know how yours is going and if you have heard of anyone in nsw doing the same? I have some incredible fire trails through my home area of the blue mountains. Cheers, dan

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Hey Dingo,
Massive grave dig (2012 post) but great that you've reached out to say hi. Andrew and the boys have been inspiring us with their racing with 3 of them out at a recent race plus both Andrew and Daniel were out again at the Cape to Cape MTB race. Andrew can be found at :
Andrew has a trikes (2 wheels forward) and Daniel has 2 wheels at the back. That is about all I know about the setup.

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Hi Dan,
Get in touch with us through our website or facebook page.

A lot has happened since 2012! New equipment, different styles, clinics, races, events, conferences...

I see the East coast booming in the next couple of years with adaptive MTB.


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Cheers for sharing our website and info! The more people we can reach, the better.
- Andrew

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