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All Parks and Reserves are Closed tomorrow Tues 8th

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 07 January 2013

Just in case you didn't already know

All national parks closed to the public across NSW

In light of predicted catastrophic bushfire conditions all of the State's 800 plus national parks and reserves and other public lands will be closed to the public tomorrow.

NPWS Director of Conservation Operations, Bob Conroy said today this means that people are not to visit national parks tomorrow and those currently in parks should make immediate preparations to vacate camping areas for the day (8 January).

"We are expecting horrendous conditions tomorrow and in the interests of public safety as well as the safety of fire fighting personnel we want the parks empty of people until the danger of bush fires has passed.

"In practical terms, this will mean that NPWS staff across the State will make every effort to notify park visitors at obvious destinations such as camping grounds and picnic areas that they should leave the park as soon as possible.

“It will not be safe to wait until the middle of the day to leave the park.

"We understand the inconvenience this will cause to many of our visitors but the decision was taken on the advice of the State Emergency Management Committee which includes all of the State's emergency service organisations such as Police, NSW Fire and Rescue and the State Emergency Service," Mr Conroy said.

For the latest information on national park fires and closures visit:

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The same applies to state forests across NSW.

From the State Foests

All State forests in NSW are closed from 12.01am to 11.59pm on Tuesday 8 January 2013 due to severe fire weather. No hunting, camping, motorbike riding or any other recreational use is permitted in the forest during the closure. The decision to close State forests was made by the State Emergency Management Committee. Anyone found within the forests during the closure could face a fine of up to $2200.

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I ride to work via Cascades and the St Ives sniggle. Guess I'll be in the car.

Good luck to any RFS guys... hope nothing comes of the warnings other that a hot day!

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I am working from home tomorrow just in case Sad

I know its probably paranoia, but 4 months in the house and we have been getting general broadcast type SMS's from the RFS asking us to be prepared to leave. Fingers crossed nothing happens anywhere tomorrow

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I agree with the closures today and anybody with half a brain would stay out of the bush so as the Fire fighters have less potential crispy critters to worry about. Stay cool people as heat exhaustion is a real risk. We can always ride another day.

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