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3 days @ Kiwarrick

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By Narralakes - Posted on 30 April 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just spent 3 days at Kiwarrick at Taree. The trails there are amazing and we had a knowledgable local guide, Dave, who was also a great rider and top bloke. As those who have been there know, the trails seem limitless with single tracks galore, 40 kms and more! One of my favourites was the "Labotomy" which came after a gruelling uphill on a fire trail, the exciting single trail down with numerous switch backs was well worth the sweat going up to get there! We were a group of 10 riders, but the trails are so vast and has many fun obstacles, that over the 3 days, everyone seemed well spread out, we didnt bump into that many riders, a few, but basically had it to ourselves. THe local area has great accommodation at reasonable prices and the cafes and restaurants were as good as Sydney's finest.

ALthough a social outing, the organiser, Lisa McHarg, who runs Sydney Bike Skills, was very helpful and was always giving advice when needed. Being only a relatively newby to this exciting sport, I found her on the spot lessons and encouragement valuable. Lisa's also running a Beginners - Intermediate MTB course soon, which I would highly recommend, check out her website for details.

Well done to the guys up there who made the trail and maintain it, we appreciate your efforts.

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Were you riding on Thursday afternoon?

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The big question is - did you find the see-saw? and did you ride it?
I took our team out to it and rode straight out just to throw the challenge down - one of them rode it, the other was a bit more cautious before the race on Sun. Much easier than it looks I think.

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We were out from around 1 pm to almost 5. Only saw a few other riders out there, were you there as well?

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Our guide Dave took us to just about all the obstacles, the new table top, jumps, and the big see saw, that was scary. I didnt have a go, but a few from the group did. It was the drop after the see saw went down that looked intimidating. Dave also took us to a smaller see saw that was more to my level, probably something my 10 year old son would do on his BMX, then again, he would give the big one a go! It just drops so late, when the others went it didnt drop until the last half metre or so, looking from the take off it looked like it wasnt going to go down at all. I hope to do it next time.

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Each time I come to that see saw, it's "Next time! ..." Eye-wink

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Because its so high off the ground and you plummet into a steep drop, that makes it scary. Its like the table top, its half a metre wide and maybe 5 metres long, and most of us can ride on the gutters edge for that long, but because the thing is about 2.5 metres off the ground, that makes it intimidating, plus it has a half metre drop to the ramp off it. I know, its a confidence time. Anyhow, there are plenty of free flowing single tracks there to keep me more than happy.

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Thanks for the positive feedback Narralakes (Ken). I had a great time at Kiwarrak as well. I will be posting some pictures on my website of the giant seesaw and table top ramp and jump shortly.

For those that are interested I have a big beginner and intermediate mountain bike skills clinic coming up on June 22 at the BMX track at Terrey Hills. There will be a focus on learning how to jump at the BMX track as well as learning how to perform drop offs. Four experienced MTB coaches will be in attendance and the full day includes a BBQ lunch.

To my knowledge, this is the first time Warringah Council has agreed to a MTB skills clinic at the BMX track. The skills clinic is limited to 12 participants so that everyone get lots of attention. So far 6 spots are taken. To reserve your place please go to

I look forward to seeing you there.
Lisa (Sydney Bike Skills)

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