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Knapsack Downhill

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By Muninjitsu - Posted on 21 November 2013

I was out in Knapsack last night and heard mottos fanging around. I rode over to where they were and discovered them heading down the downhill track.

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Some are so damn arrogant there is no chance of stopping them.

I had a run in with 2 mottos through Terrace Falls about 6 weeks back, I flagged the prick down because I was with my wife and they scared the crap out of her coming up the downhill road we were on. About 2 years ago I came off in the exact same place avoiding a head on with one because you just can't hear them coming head on through there.

This guy continued to argue he was allowed to ride there even after I pointed out the sign's, the locked gates and the fact he had no number plate, he was totally adamant he had every right to be there and he was doing so since he was a kid. He threatened to roost me but wisely took of slowly.

As for Knapsack that is a total shame, going down is one thing but if they tried to come back up it could destroy the track.

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I think it is inevitable that mottos will be ending up there. They ride around Knapsack every so often and the DH is going to be a more interesting trail. Even when council were doing some environmental work on sections of the trail before it opened mottos were riding up it right in front of them.

I guess its all a matter of how much damage gets done and then repairing the damage. The mindset of this rattbag type of motto rider isn't going to change who thinks he ride anywhere and trash stuff up. I imagine there are levels even among them having seen a specially built motto jump later be vandalised by a motto ripping a 1ft deep notch out of the lip.

Still I and especially Debloot have stopped mottos on specific mountain bike trails and made them feel bad about what they are doing...seems quite a percentage also sometimes mtb. The Bloot is amazing at talking to mottos and dumpers and just making them feel bad.

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... I'd like to see that! Laughing out loud Eye-wink

Trying to make light of a bad situation... Sad

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I've seen a few Motos @ Knapsack over the years. 2 have been girls on moto Trials bikes. They were into the whole difficult climbing/hopping. 2 have been male late teens on little dirt bikes speeding along the firetrail and I have seen one postie bike. The main entrance used by these bikes are Lennox bridge and Barnett st north. There is little to nothing stopping them. The girls on the trials came in from the Old GWH walk and rode up the old walking trail. They left the same way.

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I went and had a look at the DH track the first time the other day, great track. I haven't seen the condition of it earlier but some of the corners are a bit rutted... wonder if the moto's caused some of that or just usual wear&tear...

It'd be a pain to have to put a set of moto-proof bollards or big set of rocks at the junction between the fireroad and the track, but that might need to happen (motos will probably just swing through the trees though)

And Stephen you must have been unlucky that day - I never see motos down terrace falls rd thankfully and since it was gated, no surprise cars either Smiling

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