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2012 vs 2013, how did you go?

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By ChopStiR - Posted on 31 December 2013

Wow, what a year for me and my bikes. Looking at the stats shows a massive improvement and I hope to improve in 2014. So here they are

Rides: 67
Time: 72hr
Traveled: 694.1km
Climbed: 12.398km

Rides: 107
Time: 167hr17min
Traveled: 2879km
Climbed: 31.755km

How did everyone else go?
(remember, if you did't record it, it didn't happen Sticking out tongue)

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Don't have any conclusive records for 2012, but 2013, according to Strava was:
Rides: 251
Time: 455hrs
Traveled: 11,788kms
Climbed: 146kms

2012 was around:
Rides: 189
Distance: 4354kms

You've put in some big rides this year Tim. Well done on improving your stats and getting out there and about.

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Cheers, thats some impressive stats yourself especially due to lost time from injury and a stolen bike.

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