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Wylde - Cecil Hills - Open ?

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By Steele1968 - Posted on 11 August 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Is Wylde track at Cecil Hills actually open to the public now? Seeing a number of posts from others but note it is still listed as 'under construction' and 'opening 24th August'. I drove past the other day but all the fences were still up. Looking forward to riding it - would love to get a ride in before going to the official opening.

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No, Wylde is still closed to riders until the Opening Day on 24 August - unless Dirtz puts on another test ride between now and then (see their FB page).

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It is still closed and under construction and due to open 24th as mentioned. They have run a few test rides which is why you will see strava rides there etc. There was talk of one more twilight test ride before the opening. Follow Dirtz on facebook for updates and any possible future test rides.

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There were over 75 ppl there last Sunday riding the track as a test day ther were kids on the pump and bmx track all morning and those that were keen rode the whole track once or twice .

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Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day NEW DATE TO BE ADVISED

Due to the heavy rain we have been experiencing over the past few days, Western Sydney Parklands Trust management has made the unfortunate decision today to postpone the official Wylde MTB Trail Community Open Day scheduled for this Sunday 24 August (12 noon to 3 pm).
As the trail requires time to dry and more rain is expected between now and Sunday, the site would not be safe for the public to use by this Sunday and will remain closed until further notice.
In regards to a new community open day, we are currently looking at an alternative Sunday in late September.

Senior Program Officer, Events & Programs
Parramatta Park & Western Sydney Parklands Trusts

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