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Andersons & The Oaks (6-4-08) Must keep those tootsies dry.

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By pikey - Posted on 07 April 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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Did anybody just ride through this? Was it deep/cold/corrosive? I can't see any horse floaties in this water. I guess you wanted to keep shoes dry for such a long ride?

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Someone did ride through that. The water was up over the bottom bracket.

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Wheelies are for Eye-wink

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Was it Pikey who rode through that one I think it was it was deeper than it looked.

I rode through the next creek after someone else plowed through it in front of me so thought I would too I will walk around next time it was deeper than I thought and a bit bogy on the exit where I stalled and couldnt unclip so fell over.

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I tryed to ride thru it last time i rode andersons. It was much deeper than it looks but still do-able i think.
Also i did it in summer when it was hot.

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